The Netherlands, Land Area and GDP.

Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands

Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands


By Donna Welles.

The Netherlands has roughly the same land area as the State of Virginia; it has roughly the same GDP as the State of Florida.  The Netherlands’ GDP is $870billion USD whereas that of the State of Florida is $833billion.

Allow us to examine the Netherlands in terms of the following indicators, (1) trading partners, (2) imports and exports, (3) unemployment, and (4) armed forces personnel totals.

Germany and Belgium are the Netherlands’ major trading partners in terms of both imports and exports. In 2013, Dutch imports totaled $506billion and Dutch exports totaled $571billion. German trade accounted for 17% of Dutch imports and 25% of Dutch exports. Belgian trade accounted for 10% of Dutch imports and 11% of Dutch exports.

The People’s Republic of China accounted for 8% of Dutch imports and 2% of Dutch Exports. The United Kingdom accounted for 7% of Dutch imports and 8% of Dutch exports. Finally, the United States accounted for 7% of Dutch imports and 4% of Dutch exports.

Machinery and Transportation equipment represented 27% of Dutch imports and 25% of Dutch exports in 2013. Mineral Fuel represented 25% of Dutch imports and 20% of Dutch exports; Chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and organic chemicals, represented 13% of Dutch imports and 17% of Dutch exports; and food and live animals represented 9% of Dutch imports and 12% of Dutch exports in 2013.

Unemployment in the Netherlands has risen slightly since 2005; it was 7% in 2013 and 5% in 2005. Total population is 17million, roughly 500,000 more people than in 2005. Armed forces personnel totals have fallen since 2000; 43,000 soldiers in 2013 and 57,000 in 2000.


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