10 Ways to Identify if a Woman is Attracted to You


As some men say, women can be difficult creatures to figure out. To provide some help on that, this article will provide some tips for men to know how to read the signs when a woman is into you sexually. So no worries lads, if you spot these signs, she is attracted to you sexually and you can make that first move with ease and confidence!

1.Have their eyes fixed on you even when you are not looking at her

Firstly, eye signals are really important because rather than words, women prefer to convey their feelings with their eyes when it comes to flirting. So, if you spot a woman staring at you, be it in the public, the office or any other place, they are usually interested in you. However, do not be too hasty and sure to rush into getting into bed with her. Let this go on for a few days and monitor the situation before you make any moves. Let her figure out on her own that you have noticed her staring and make sure to show a positive reaction like smiling when you see it again. This will entice her to take a further step towards you.

2.When she comes up with situations to spend time with you

For most women, they most likely already have a few close friends and as such, it is not usually common for them to go out of their comfort zone to seek out new friendships. So, if you notice that a woman is trying her best to turn situations into ones where they can spend time with you, this may be a sign that she is sexually attracted to you At the same time, to prolong the time spent with you, she may also keep the conversation running longer and this easily identified with the eagerness and desire from her eyes. Besides, she may also display this form of strong attraction by accidental physical touches. 


3.Asking about your past relationships

Moving on to one of the most important signs to look out, a woman is most likely sexually attracted to you if she digs in deeply to question you about your girlfriend, or your family, your friendships, and even other sexual relationships. In particular, the sign is very clear and obvious if she asks you about your past relationships or any break-ups, and obviously sexual information. This can be an indication that she would like to take the relationship further and get into bed with you. Meanwhile, any attempts from her to advise you on your existing relationship show that she is deeply interested in you and would perhaps like to manage your sexual life. If you are not seeing these signs from the girl you like, take a look at the Obsession Method by Kate Spring, which will tell you more about how to get a woman to become sexually interested in you.

4.Questioning behavior

Women love to dig answers out of you as they are very investigative beings. Delving deep into you simply means she is very interested in you and would love to know more about you. So if you happen to stuff them up with basic information, they will know for sure that you are not sincere enough and this would greatly upset them. Being left unsatisfied, they can only keep asking you questions until they are happy. Thus, if a woman asks you a lot of questions, this could mean that she is sexually attracted to you.  

5.Being honest with you

Women, unlike men, are not open to sharing their sexual life. As such, it is common to see a man boasting about the number of women they have slept with but for women, you would not see them going around revealing the number of men that have slept with as they are closed for their truth. So, if a woman ever shares such private details with you, I can bet that she is both sexually and mentally attracted to you.

6.Showing off her beauty

When a woman is attracted to a man sexually, she will always try her best to look good all the time in front of him to seduce him. To do so, they may sometimes accentuate their figure by wearing revealing clothes to show off their assets. If you can get proof that she is wearing her best outfits especially for you, it’s a clear sign that she is attracted to you sexually.

7.Sharing her personal details

If a woman is very open about sharing personal details and is always excited to share with you about her daily life, she simply holds a great amount of interest in you. This is because most women would not be willing to share their sexual or marital life, relationships, and other personal information with someone unless they have much faith in them. 

8.Trying to get your attention

All women love to receive attention and if a woman is trying hard to get only your special attention, this means you are exclusive to her and she is attracted to you for sure. However, different women use different ways to showcase themselves and this can come in the form of having a new hairstyle or wearing new clothes and other things about themselves to grab your attention and appreciation.  

9.Sharing dirty jokes with you

Instead of sharing dirty jokes in front of a group of people, if a woman shares dirty jokes only with you in a private setting, this is a clear sign that she is sexually attracted to you. This shows that she is comfortable conversing with you alone about such topics and would love to take things further and deeper with you. 

10.Texting you at odd timings

Last but not least, if a woman texts you at a strange time, it is one sign that she particularly likes you sexually since it could potentially indicate that she wants to sleep with you and that she often thinks of you and is reminded of you at unusual times. 

Bottom Line

Although the list may not be fully comprehensive, we hope these 10 signs are sufficient and helpful enough for you to identify if a woman is attracted to you sexually. Now, equipped with these tips, you can be much more confident before taking any further step, we wish you all the best with your relationship and good luck!


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