3 Small Ways in Which You Can Help Fight Climate Change

2019 has been one of the hottest years on record. The average temperatures around the world are rising thanks, in a significant part, to what we do: we pour greenhouse gas, smoke, and a variety of toxic substances into the atmosphere like there’s no tomorrow. Aside from slowly turning our planet into a pressure cooker, air pollution has many negative effects not only on our body but our mind, too: a recent meta-analysis of 25 studies has also linked it to an increased risk of depression and suicide. Taking action against it is not only the moral obligation of all of us. It’s also vital.

Climate change is a global phenomenon with many major factors fueling it. For a person or a family, it seems impossible to influence it in any direction. It only seems, though – because every small thing helps reduce its effects, maybe even postpone it. Here are a few tips on how everyone can contribute to fighting climate change, even in a small way.

Choose your products carefully

The first thing you can do to do your part in the fight against climate change is to choose the products you buy and use carefully. You can start by avoiding these seven products that harm the environment – you’d be surprised to see how easy it is. If enough people avoid products that harm the environment, the reduced demand will ultimately lead to their production decreasing – or perhaps to the companies producing them changing their ways.

This is not an overnight process, of course. But the long-term effects – along with you forming better shopping habits – are worth it.

Go car-free

There are many areas where going car-free is not an option. In many others, in turn, it is – it’s a question of convenience rather than one of possibility. Cars are among the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions – not to mention the effect they have on the quality of the air in certain urban areas. Reducing our reliance on individual fossil fuel-powered vehicles is possible in many ways, though – and all of them can help the fight against global warming in a small but significant way.

When going to work, carpooling with coworkers is a possibility – of course, it takes a bit of scheduling but it’s far from being impossible. Choosing public transport instead of a car is also an option that’s viable in many urban areas. And then, there is also the option of biking and walking over shorter distances – these will not only reduce your greenhouse gas emissions but also help you stay healthier in the long run.

Eating less meat

Nobody says the entire humanity should switch to a vegan lifestyle – this would not be a viable option, considering the current state of technology and the land surface available for agriculture. Reducing the demand for meat and dairy, the most polluting food industries in the world today, in turn, is.

Adopting a “flexitarian” diet – one centered around plant-based food with occasional meat-based dishes also on the menu – would be the ideal choice. But dedicating a day or two in a week to meat and dairy-free dishes is also an option – and it will probably make you realize how delicious a meatless dish can be.


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