4 Firm Facts You Need to Know About the Medical Marijuana Industry


There is a big difference between using marijuana recreationally, whether legally or illegally, and using medical marijuana and its derivatives. This is not easy to know being that there are new state laws and legislatures being passed, nearly on a daily basis. So, if you want to catch up and get a quick rundown of what has happened lately, then read below. These are the four firm facts every person should know about how the medical marijuana industry really works.

1.It Has Been Legal in Part Since 2000

Back in 2000, Hawaii first recognized that making medical marijuana legal was the way to go. Since then, more than a dozen other states have slowly but surely come to the same conclusion. It is crazy to think that medical marijuana has been legal in some parts of the United States for almost 20 years, and yet there are still obstacles for the industry to get around.

2.Several Bills Are in the Works to Make Federally Legalize It

Lawmakers in Washington have put forth several bills designed to make medical marijuana legal on a federal level, but they have all been defeated in the past. In actuality, there is a new bill gaining traction right now that politicians hope will finally make medical marijuana legal federally once and for all. It may be a long shot given the current state of politics, but those in support of the measure won’t be giving up even if it doesn’t pass.

3.Medical Marijuana Has Been Proven to Be Safe

There is no data produced in research studies that suggests that medical marijuana is at all unsafe for patients. Compared to substances that are legal, such as alcohol, medical marijuana is far less damaging to the human body. With that said, marijuana can be highly psychologically addictive. That means that it can be hard to stop once you imbibe, especially for recreational reasons. As a treatment, medical marijuana is totally safe, and that is a fact.

4.It Can Be Administered in Various Ways

Forget about watching a coming of age comedy film and thinking that people are approaching medical marijuana in the same manner. There are tinctures, vape pens, hemp oil wholesale distributors, and even dispensaries that you can walk into that sell more medical marijuana products than you can name. It can be ingested or smoked, administered in drops on the tongue, or used as a sort of aromatherapy. In all cases there are products available that will provide patients with all of the plant’s benefits without any of its more notable side effects.

Experts believe that medical marijuana will become more prevalent in 2019 as more states make it legal, open dispensaries, introduce taxes, and support it on a federal level. While medical marijuana should be used responsibly, data has shown that patients have been doing so for nearly 20 years already. Other than the fact that it is bound to become more accessible, those who are invested in the medical marijuana industry are also in position to earn higher profits.


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