4 Ways Technology is Transforming The Garden


Some people seem to think that nature and technology do not work well together. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Throughout the history of mankind, improved technologies have helped to create more food for more people, and all with reductions in back-breaking labor. You might think that gardening is as low-tech a hobby as you can get, but the fact is that tech is transforming the garden in a wide variety of ways. Finding joy in your garden has never been easier, and innovative gardening technologies can change the way that you grow fruit, flowers, and vegetables. Here are some of the ways that technology is transforming the garden.


Managing Your Space


Not everyone has a huge garden to take advantage of, but growing your own food or creating a vibrant and colorful environment is possible. Even those living in small apartments are able to make use of modern tech solutions like hydroponics and aeroponics, which have made gardening accessible to anyone and everyone. There are systems like Tower Gardens that make use of vertical farming to maximize your potential surface area to grow in, and that could reduce your supermarket bill and give you greater control over what you put into your body.


Better Seeds


Access to better seeds is transforming not just small, private gardens, but even farms. Owners of smallholder properties with a farming trade are now able to make far better decisions on the seeds that they use, with both size and durability majorly important for those that are relying on their harvest to generate a profit. A look at the smallholder farmers statistics shows the massive improvements that have taken place over the last decade, and you too can benefit from access to better seeds with a more sustainable origin.


Automation and Animals


Every gardener has to be concerned about the local wildlife. Rather than standing out in your garden with a shotgun, or farmers having to resort to hastily built scarecrows, there are now some high-tech solutions to this problem. Infrared motion detectors in the garden can now launch drones that bother the animals until they leave. There are also detectors on the market that will squirt water at raccoons and deer that are trying to steal your harvest. Much more effective than traditional methods of animal control, and all without harming the animals as well.


Water Management


There are a huge number of automated watering systems available, and they can be purchased according to the size of your growing space and the type of seeds you have planted. Having an intelligent watering system can remove a lot of the manual labor from your shoulders, and you can even link some systems up to your phone or emails so that you become aware immediately of any issues. If you have a team of workers or a landscape professional managing your growing space, then they can control every facet of your harvest from the comfort of their own phone.


From plots to smallholdings, gardening has shown that it is not immune to the advances of technology. As people become more focused on eating well and spending less, these tech solutions to growing a consistent harvest will become much more common. Look at the space that you have available, and you too could be reducing your reliance on supermarket chains.


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