4 Ways To Distinguish Your Business From Your Competitors


Today’s business landscape is competitive, and you always have to be on your toes if you want to get ahead. Now is the time to analyze exactly where you’re falling short with your customers and in your business and start making changes.

One way to make a name for yourself quickly is to distinguish yourselves from your competitors. Figure out what it is you do best and focus more on perfecting your delivery in this area. Stop trying to do it all and begin to narrow your focus on a few aspects where you know you can outperform your competition, and then get to work.

Determine What Sets You Apart

It’s a wise idea to determine what sets you apart and go to market with these messages if you’re going to distinguish your business from your competitors. Revisit your goals and business plan and pinpoint a few objectives that you want to tackle in the upcoming year. Begin to recognize where you excel and put more time and energy into doing an even better job in this particular area or areas.

Be Attentive to Customer’s Needs

Many businesses grow quickly and in the meantime forget about the most important people in the process, which are the customers. You need to be constantly and consistently attentive to your customer’s needs if you’re going to outshine your competitors. Offer multiple channels for how clients can get in touch with you and solve any issues promptly and professionally. Reach out and gather feedback from your customers and then make changes that show you’re listening to them.

Accommodate All Types of Employees

In order to advance your company and distinguish your business, you need talented employees on your team who are going to get the job done right the first time. Be accommodating when hiring employees so you can be sure to attract the right people for the job. For example, you may want to bring onboard a candidate who has the talent and also a disability such as being blind. Engraving signs and surfaces around the office will help employees perform their job to the highest standard safely.

Always Keep Your Promise

Never make a promise you can’t keep to your employees, customers or yourself. While it’s in your best interest to always be innovating and setting new goals, just make sure you don’t commit to any agreements where you know you aren’t going to be able to follow through. Have confidence in yourself and your company, but also be honest with yourself and those you’re working with so you don’t disappoint anyone. Spend time thinking through particular projects before you give the green light and make guarantees.


These are a few practical ways for how you can distinguish your business from your competitors on a regular basis. Pick a couple of ideas that resonate with you and your company and then make a plan for how you’re going to put them into practice. In no time you’ll be leaving your competition behind and soaring to new heights.


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