4 Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Experience

The world of online marketing is subject to constant change. Advances in technology and emerging new platforms are allowing people to interact and get things done differently online. And, while this can make operating a successful eCommerce business challenging, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are various simple ways to improve the eCommerce customer experience in order to improve customer loyalty and ultimately, improve your sales. 

Improve Website Navigation

Generally, online shoppers are divided into three different categories based on their intentions, needs, and expectations. These are people who already know what they are looking for, people who are browsing your website, and people who need some assistance finding exactly what they want. Your website’s navigation system should cater to all of these shoppers. A visible search bar is important as shoppers who know what they are looking for are likely to go directly there. Autocomplete is also a good idea to help shoppers who can’t remember the exact name of the product. On the other hand, people who are just browsing should have access to a variety of filtering options that allow them to personalize the search experience. 

Keep the Checkout Hassle-Free

An eCommerce store that’s easy to navigate and well-designed might all be wasted with a poor checkout process. When they get to the checkout, customers don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out forms, entering their billing information, and creating an account – they just want to pay for their order as quickly as possible. The shopping cart should be clearly and easily accessible on each page. Offer guest checkout if possible; while having customers sign up for an account can be a good way to gather email addresses, it could also contribute to cart abandonment. Instead, give customers the option to sign up at the end of the checkout process. If you want to simplify the process but aren’t sure how, consider using a quality platform that offers an easy to use and fast checkout process.

Also, be transparent regarding any shipping fees or additional charges throughout the checkout. Reaching the end of the process only to find that their bill is higher than expected is one of the biggest reasons why customers abandon their cart. 

Improve Customer Service

Just like traditional businesses, eCommerce websites need to have good levels of customer service, especially in pages such as after the checkout page. Customer service doesn’t always mean that you have to interact directly with the customer, although a chat function easily accessible from your website can be a good idea as this allows customers to bring their questions to you quickly while shopping on the site. Make sure that all contact information, such as your telephone numbers and email are visible on every page of your website to give customers options for contacting you if they need to. 

Customize the Experience

Finally, customizing the experience for your customers will help to improve how you do business online. It’s important to include clear calls to action that will lead them to a page that they can relate to and include personal touches throughout the process. Features such as suggested products, for example, can help to personalize the experience for individual customers and improve their relationship with your brand. 

Making sure that your customers have an unforgettable experience when shopping is crucial to the success of your eCommerce brand. 


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