5 Easy Ways to Save Money


Would you like an extra $200 – $300 (or more) in your bank account each month? No hard work or scams involved in this offer! This nice chunk of change is yours when you implement simple steps to save money. From clipping coupons to shopping sales and the five money-saving ideas below, many simple techniques exist that help you drastically cut expenses and save money. Are you ready to save money?


Tip 1: Stop Collecting & Start Selling


Shopping is fun but does nothing to help save money. Rather than hit the sales this weekend, sort through your belongings and start selling the items of value, items that you no longer need, etc. Don’t hire anyone else to sell these items for you. Create a free WordPress site in a matter of minutes, add photos and descriptions, and pocket all of your money! Providence Technology is also available to help create your site. With PT’s IT staff  and other service make it easy to join the e-commerce world!


Tip 2: Build Your Own Home


Home ownership is the American dream, but with the Census Bureau reporting the average home price in the U.S. toppling $292,000, reaching this goal is impossible for some people. All hope isn’t lost, however, because these days it is easier than ever to build your own house. Even if you lack any construction experience, a DIY home can be a part of your future, at an average price of about $85,000. Feeling minimal? Consider building a new home, personalize and save money.


Tip 3: DIY Gifts


Homemade gifts are fun to make, come from the heart, and save a ton of money. Gone are the days when a homemade gift meant everyone in the family received a knitted hat and scarf. It is easy to create homemade gifts they really want -at a fraction of the cost of buying goods at the retail store.


Tip 4: Sign Up


If you are a loyal customer of a particular brand, join their loyalty club or rewards program to receive some pretty nice rewards. Most companies offer such a program, whether it is a clothing company, a supermarket, a restaurant, or another type of company. As a member of the program, you’ll receive special coupons, promotions, information, samples, and other deals that you’ll love in your email box or sent to your telephone. It feels great to receive these deals as a loyalty member!


Tip 5: Rethink Your Kitchen Skills


Leftovers save time in the kitchen and according to most people, taste better the second time around. Plus, you will save money since you are not preparing an entire meal. Store the leftovers in the freezer to keep or take the food to work for lunch the next day. Plan one night each week that doesn’t involve cooking. Sandwiches and chips, hot dogs and baked beans, and many other fun, cook-free options are available. And, on a separate night, go vegetarian. Remove the meat from the meal and watch how much money you save.



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