5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Cut Back on Plastic



As many of us are aware, plastic bottles are a detrimental issue not only in America but also in other parts of the world. On average, America alone buys 50 billion plastic bottles a year. Unfortunately, only 40 percent of those bottles are reused and recycled. This means that 60 percent of those plastics are bought and thrown away into the environment. Apart from adults kids use plastic bottles a lot. So how can you teach the kids to cut back on plastics?

  1. Encourage them to avoid buying goods packaged in plastics

Instead of sending your kids to purchase goods packaged in plastics tell them to buy produce and other goods that are not packaged in plastics. Instead of plastics, encourage them to purchase foods in glass jars and soaps in boxes instead of plastics. By doing this you are not only reducing the use of plastics but also telling the manufacturer that you don’t like plastics.

  1. Teach them to carry usable canteen instead of bottled water

Plastic bottles are the topmost litters found in the beaches. Since bottled water is even more costly by using tapped water, you’ll even be saving some cash and avoid hazards such as littering the beach. It’s therefore very important to encourage your children to avoid bottled water and instead carry tapped water.

  1. Use reusable shopping bags

Using reusable bags is the perfect way to go shopping and reduce the amount of plastics that you normally use. While shopping around make sure you carry a reusable shopping bag so that your kids can follow suit when you send them to the shop. Always keep some bags in handy so that your kids do not have an excuse when it comes to shopping. By using these bags yourself, you’ll be sending a strong message to them that shopping with plastic bags is not encouraged. More so reusable bags are cute and much easy to use as compared to plastics.

  1. Buy for them high-quality water bottle

Since over 20 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every year, you need to buy high-quality water bottles for your kids. Thankfully, there are several brands that you can choose from. The good thing is that the bottles are so beautiful that your kids will be very reluctant to throw away. Just make sure you have a few of them at home and in the car for your kids to use.

  1. Recycle your plastics where possible

If you have some plastic bottles at home, encourage your kids to create gardens by using them. Even if you don’t have any outdoor space you can create a large balcony garden or make hanging baskets. This is one of the best ways of bringing the outside environment in. It is important to teach your kids the message that we should be reusing or recycling the plastics instead of throwing them away into the environment. This is a very good way to teach your kids.

That is how to teach your kids to cut back on plastics and save the environment. Remember, by teaching them some of these ways you are inculcating in them a lifetime culture.


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