5 Great Tips For Dealing With Depression In College


In the current age and time, depression is a serious issue especially amongst college students across the globe. Mostly, the teenagers and the college students are susceptible to depression because of the prevalent factors like stress with work, school or finances. The problem arises when the students are staying away from their friends or family. 

It is important for the college students to know that depression is not the same as feeling stressed or sad. Though serious it is a common but a treatable medical disorder and none of us should suffer for it in silence. 


Some of the common symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling hopeless, sad or empty
  • Feeling disinterested in the activities that you used to enjoy earlier
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Problem in sleeping pattern
  • Feeling low in energy
  • Problem with making day to day decisions
  • Issues in concentrating
  • Feeling guilty, and/or
  • Feeling suicidal


These symptoms of depression can make it difficult for you to function on day to day basis. And as these symptoms progress or become unmanageable students might often get suicidal tendencies. These suicidal thoughts must be done away with immediately. So, here are some of the tips that will help you deal with depression in college.



Shaina Khan, who works with TFTH and gets a lot of do my computer science homework requests, believes that no student should ever have to deal with depression alone. There is a plethora of licensed and trained mental health specialists who help and support the students find relief from the symptoms of depression. 

Psychotherapy is helpful for the individuals to identify the issues that may be causing depression in them. As a result of this, the expert will help you directly tackle these issues. Psychotherapy not only helps you reduce the symptoms of depression, it also keeps all the future episodes of depression at bay. If you need an expert to help you out, you can reach out to your college counselling department. Today most of the college campuses have centers where the students can seek help at little cost.



If you think that there are symptoms of depression in you, you must speak to your primary support provider about this. Your doctor will help you rule out or treat all the probable medical issues that may be the cause or symptom of depression. Psychiatrists, nurse practitioners or doctors can help you treat depression. When your medical provider speaks to you, up and close, he will guide you on whether or not, you need a therapist before starting with the medication. A lot of times, psychotherapy might not be enough and you’ll need medication that would be helpful. Fortunately, with the advancement in the medication, it is now easier for you to deal with depression. Samaira Gandhi, who works with TopAssignmentExperts and provides accounting homework help, says that her niece was battling with the symptoms of depression. On the recommendation of her doctor, she visited a professional and he recommended her therapy with medication. So, if your symptoms are grave too, you too might need a combination of both. 



Being mindful means being aware of what’s happening around you. Though it seems simple, it might not be the easiest thing to do. Many a times, it may also need a lot of practice to be conscious and stay in the moment. Since college students have a lot of tackle, it might get hard for them to stay focussed at all times. However, there is hope and there is a plethora of ways to master the hard of mindfulness. Shalini Grover, who works with EssayWriter4U and offers write my essay service stays that one can start by practicing yoga. There will be certain classes which will teach you exercises that focus directly on teaching you mindfulness. The benefit of learning these mindful activities is that you can practice them anytime and anywhere, in your free time. So, whenever you feel stressed in any situation, you can do some breathing exercise and it will help you easily get through the day.  



This may be a little simplistic however when you spend some time in nature, it will help you relieve the symptoms of depression. There is a therapy known as eco-therapy, which is a philosophy which states that spending time with nature is extremely helpful for you to improve your mental health. The benefits of this therapy have been agreed upon by researchers from across the world. There is also a custom known as forest bathing in Japan which involves spending time around forests and trees. Following a report, the practice of forest bathing has proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Further, it reduces stress and boosts the immune system, ensuring overall well-being. Samantha who offers research paper writing service and works with a top homework providing agency is of the view that even a 30-minute walk in the green can have a massive impact on your mental health.  Moreover, you can also take up activities like hiking, walking, skiing, swimming, running, etc. These will certainly help you fight depression.    



We all know about the umpteen health and physical benefits of exercising. It not only helps you lower your Blood Pressure but also strengthens your heart. Further, it reduces body fat and provides your body the flexibility and strength that it needs. Surveer, who is an online educator and suggest project management course for the students says that exercising also has a lot of benefits on the mental health of the students. It helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Moreover, exercising helps improve your thinking and memory skills. Further, research shows that exercising has the ability to treat mild to moderate depression. Of course, when you feel depressed, you might not feel motivated to exercise but there are some colleges which actually invest in the recreational resources for their students. So, if you need help, you must talk to the authorities about the same. 


These are the top 5 ways and tips for students to deal with depression in their college life. Do let us know, if these seem helpful for you. You can also add more ways to it, and tell us about it in the comments below. 


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