5 Ways To make Your Car Mobile Without Using a Smartphone


Would you like your car park itself? Provide you a feedback on your driving performance? Give you directions to needed destination? Playback audio tracks? Buying a brand new car stuffed with numerous smart features might be rather expensive, and luckily we’re here to help you upgrade your dumb car. There’re a huge variety of different gizmos on the market, which can make your car more mobile even without using a smartphone. Here are some gadgets that can help you make your car up-to-date:

Bluetooth Connection in Your Car

You can easily make your car Bluetooth-enabled by using a special bluetooth receiver. The only requirement for its installation is an auxiliary audio jack in your car stereo. You’ll just need to plug a Bluetooth receiver into the AUX port of your car. After that, you will be able to switch between Bluetooth devices to playback music, listen to radio, and much more.

FM Transmitter

No ports to plug in your player? Fortunately, good FM transmitters can solve this problem. They are powered by a car cigarette lighter and can transmit music from portable digital devices to car speakers. FM transmitters transfer stereo sound from gadgets via Bluetooth or FM frequency.

Wi-Fi Network in Your Car

Getting Wi-Fi connectivity is very easy nowadays. Even without a smartphone, you can add a wireless network to your car, using any of these Wi-Fi transmitters:


  • Dedicated Mobile Hotspot. One of the easiest way to establish Wi-Fi connection in your vehicle is to use a special mobile hotspot. This device uses the same type of cellular data exchange as a smartphone. Yet, it’s for creating   wireless network only – it doesn’t feature other functions of smartphones. The majority of cellular companies offer standard plans as well as those dedicated specifically to mobile hotspots. Therefore, you’ll have an opportunity to add one of mobile hotspots to your current plan or chose a different provider.


There are two types of mobile hotspots – dongles and self-contained models.

Cellular dongles are just USB devices that can be plugged into computers to add Wi-Fi to your car, which will further provide access to a cellular connection. Some dongles can be plugged into any USB source. So, if your the head unit of your car features a USB port, you can insert a dongle right in it to create a Wi-Fi network in your car. We would like to note that you can use a special powered USB connector to get an opportunity to plug gadgets directly into the head unit of your car.

Self-contained hotspots are much more portable, however, they are more pricey. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, so you’re not tied to 12v socket. This also means that you can even take a Wi-Fi network away from your vehicle.


  • OBD-II Device. OBD-II Wi-Fi devices are less portable compared to dedicated hotspots, still, they are more portable than built-in Wi-Fi routers. OBD-II devices should be plugged into an OBD-II port of your car. A great benefit is that this device doubles as a car microcontroller. In addition to adding a Wi-Fi network and ensuring cellular data exchange with other gadgets in your car, it can give you the accurate car diagnostic information.
  • Wireless Modem and Router. The most reliable way to get a stable Wi-Fi connection in your car is to get a Wi-Fi modem and a router. However, these devices are quite expensive and might require tricky installation. The huge benefit of a wireless modem is that it has a strong cellular radio signal – much more powerful than that of mobile hotspots. In addition, Wi-Fi modems already include USB and ethernet ports, which is a nice touch for those planning to connect a personal computer or other gadgets right in the jack. Some models can be easily dismounted and transferred to any other place you need. Still hesitate whether you need a portable Wi-fi router? Read this article and make up your mind.


Car Backup and Dash Cameras for Extra Comfort and Safety

That’s all right if your car has no those hi-tech parking sensors. You can get a wireless or corded backup camera to eliminate blind spots behind your car that you rear mirror can’t reach. This device was designed for safe and easy parking or backing up. The system consists of a camera and a display. A camera should be mounted on the rear of your car. It’s powered by the rear lights and, consequently, a video signal is transmitted only when your car is backing up. Also, you can install parking sensors in your car. They will allow you to safely park your car in your garage or any other tight space.

A dash camera is extremely useful in case of traffic incidents. This small device can record video footage to a memory card. It usually has a wide viewing angle and can easily capture 4 lines of traffic. Some system consists not only of a dash camera but also of a display and an audio alert buzzer to help you avoid collisions.

Global Positioning System

Installing a GPS is one of the easiest ways to make your old car look and feel newer. This unit offers you a huge number of maps and traffic reports of your area. It can  track your route and provide you with voice-controlled navigation so that you never lose your way.



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