6 Survival Tools That Can Save Your Life in the Wild


Survival gears aren’t just items to brag about with your friends. It’s an important necessity which every outdoor adventurer must have and invest in. Whether you’re planning your first camping or just wandering along the woods, carrying the supplies to provide for your needs is the key to having a successful adventure and you want to have all the gears needed with you. And if that emergency never comes, you still have some cool and useful tools to practice for your next trip. Here are 6 best survival tools for the wilderness that you can easily stash in your backpack or include in your camping kit.

Fire Igniter

Many of you think that bringing an ordinary match is enough to start a fire but it’s the opposite, it is proven to be more difficult to ignite a fire using a match when you’re outdoors and the wind is too strong. They can put off easily and often only last for about a second. A fire starter is perhaps one of the most important survival tools you can include in your kit besides food, water, and clothing because it will help you cook food, boil water, stay warm during the night, and use as a device to alert someone if you are in danger.  There are many different types of fire starters you can choose from, buy the one that has a small blade and a sparking fire starter to be efficient.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is a must have and must not be forgotten, just in case you or your companion get injured. It’s something that is useful even just for a day trip. Pack band-aids and antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes, also include other items that can add up extra help as a survival tool. Elastic bandages can serve many purposes, gauze pads for larger wounds, splints to help support broken fractures, steri-strips to help close wounds with uneven markings, and alcohol pads to clean wounds. But according to technotech.shop, if you want to save time there are first aid kits designed specifically for outdoor adventure. Always to keep a pack with you, no one knows when an accident is bound to happen. It is always good to be ready.


Choosing the right knife and other multi-tools depends on your preference. Some people feel relaxed and complacent knowing that they have a knife with them, while others prefer to be subtle. Find a tool that matches your skills and the type of activities you will do in the wild. Stick with a simple five to six inches blade and learn how to keep it sharp. Make sure that it has the right size and balance for you and your kit.


Water Purifiers

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, water is among one of the many basic human needs. It only takes three days for the human body to survive without water. Imagining the feeling of not drinking water for days is simply daunting. It is always a good idea to carry more than you think you’ll need for your outdoor adventure in case of delays and if you want to extend your adventure. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to collect and drink water straight from the river or lake. So buying a water filter is a good investment and a must-have tool. It helps in making water clean and safe for consumption. You might also need to use it to treat water so you’ll have one for cleaning wounds and cooking. 


This is considered one of the things that make your survival kit bulky, but also very useful in times of survival situations. Paracord is made up of lightweight, sturdy nylon with multiple strands of fiber perfect to make a rope. It can be used to build tarps and repair gears. There is also a compact wearable paracord bracelet, that contains a rope that is very easy to unravel during a time of need.

Signal Tools

If you ever get lost in the middle of the woods, or whatever wild thing you get into, you’re going to want to send signals and get help as quickly as possible. You can use a rescue mirror to signal for help. The reflected light from the mirror can alert pilots to your location and send a distress call. Whistle, on the other hand, helps other people to locate you. Whistle and Signaling mirrors are your best friend if you find yourself lost or if your trip goes sideways. There are 5 in 1 signaling tool you can buy that has both a whistle and rescue mirror and even a compass and a fire starter. 

Whenever you go on an outdoor adventure, take time to enjoy the natural gift of nature we have. Don’t stress yourself about the danger you may experience but remember that you are responsible for yourself. Pack all the survival tools needed and make sure you know all the basics and once you’re ready you can conquer and survive anything the woods can throw at you.


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