6 Ways To Sharpen Your Nursing Skills

Nursing is a promising career, and there’s a lot of room for you to learn and grow if you stick with it over the years. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or have been in the field for years. It’s always a good goal to find and commit to bettering yourself and improving your abilities.

Avoid worrying so much about what others think of you or are doing and focus on yourself. The following suggestions are going to help you become a more skilled nurse so that you have lots to offer a future employer and go further in your career. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process of maturing in your role and gaining new nursing knowledge. 


  • Go Back to School


One way to sharpen your nursing skills is to obtain higher education in the field. There are online accelerated bsn programs that you can pursue right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll walk away feeling prepared to tackle your new job duties and confident that you can be successful in your role. This specific type of coursework will help you gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to thrive as a nurse. It’ll be a life-changing experience that will forever alter your future and allow you to help others get well. Schooling is a great way to learn what’s required of you within the profession and about what skills are necessary for you to have as you enter the workplace.


  • Ask for Feedback


Another way to sharpen your nursing skills is to proactively ask others for feedback about your performance. Be direct with those you work and interact with and request their honest opinions about you’re doing. This is one of the most beneficial ways that you’re going to improve and get better at your job. Use these insights to help you work on specific areas where you’re struggling so you can become a more skilled nurse overall. Instead of taking these remarks personally, view them as stepping stones to aiding you in growing into a more talented professional. There may be aspects about the way you work that are comfortable for you but that standout as troublesome or frustrating for those around you. The process of being real with yourself and open to change is the first step in helping you to advance in your career.


  • Take on Challenging Tasks at Work


Proven ways to get better at your job are to continuously practice and take on more difficult tasks over time. Therefore, raise your hand the next time your boss needs help with a challenging project or assignment at work. Sharpen your nursing skills by taking on duties that are outside of your normal routine and comfort zone. It may be an intimidating place to be at first, but eventually, this idea of going above and beyond what’s asked of you will become more comfortable for you. You may even surprise yourself by being able to take on responsibilities and excel in areas you never thought possible. Be sure to write down these duties and track your results and progress so you can share this information with your boss during your performance review meetings.


  • Learn New Technology 


The healthcare field is changing and evolving every day. One area of nursing that you can guarantee will continue to transform is that of technology. Numerous advancements are occurring all the time and hospitals everywhere are continuing to adopt new processes and ways of gathering and sharing information. You can sharpen your nursing skills by keeping up to speed with the latest developments in technology and taking courses or classes that will help you to expand your knowledge in this area. You’ll have a stronger resume for it, and future employers will want you on their team. 


  • Become A Mentor


Also, teaching others and sharing your knowledge with those around you helps you to become a better nurse. Volunteer to be a mentor for someone who you see struggling or wanting to learn more about the nursing profession. You can sharpen your own skills by passing down what you know to those who are eager to learn. You never know, you may even learn new and better practices, and gain a few new tips or tricks that you can then apply to the job yourself. Mentoring is an excellent way to assist others in advancing in their role and an opportunity for you to improve your skills and knowledge. Keep an open mind and remain curious so that you can both educate and enlighten one another as your working relationship develops. 


  • Go After A Promotion


Remind yourself that it’s never too late to advance your skills or gain new knowledge as a nurse. Therefore, consider going after a promotion at work to help you sharpen your nursing skills. It may be nerve-wracking at first, but the hardest part is sometimes just deciding to pursue it and go after the new position. If you are chosen for the job, it’ll give you the chance to grow and mature as a nurse and professional. There will be obstacles you’ll have to face, but these types of moments are the ones that will put your skills to the test and make you stretch yourself so you can advance and improve. The times when you feel frustrated or defeated will be perfect opportunities for you to sharpen your skills, evaluate your performance and change your current approach for next time.

It takes hard work and perseverance to sharpen and develop your skillset as a nurse. These tips are sure to guide you on the right path to finding success in and enjoyment with your career. Instead of wondering what could be or how far you could go, challenge yourself to take on more responsibilities within the profession and use your new experiences as a gateway to discovering more about what you truly have to offer.


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