A beginner’s guide to living alone: the day that will come


Author: Ines Marinho

The day when every young adult decides that is time to fly away from the parents’ nest comes at some point to every human. Maybe for different reasons and different contexts. However, that day is inevitable. When you are about to venture yourself to the solo living, you might face two realities: in one hand, the scary journey that is starting, and on the other, the excitement of conquering independence.

Both may be, as well, felt. Living alone for the first time and having all the consequences that come from that, may be scary, exciting or overwhelming. After all, living by yourself means you have to deal with great responsibilities, such as paying your own bills and providing for a house.

Living alone can be quite a shocking change. For some people it might take a few days to get used to it, to others, it might take longer. Nevertheless, it is important to prepare yourself for it. Either if you want to live alone, or not. Sometimes, you have no other choice and coping with that is crucial.


  • Don’t let fear take over


The biggest difference between living alone and with your parents is the fear factor. When you live solo, there is no one nearby to cling to when something goes wrong. Make sure the doors are locked, windows are closed, and you have your bills paid. You don’t want to be in the middle of a warm shower that turns into cold water waking up to “oops, I forgot to pay the bill”. Assume control over your life.


  • Look for some extra security


Don’t freak out with every creak in your house or flat. However, take extra measures for your safety. Gated complexes, exterior security doors, interior door chains, and alarm systems are always a plus. You will always feel safer with some of these options. Don’t hold your horses for when it comes to security.


  • Resist the sloppiness


Being an organized person will make you maintain your house a clean empire. If you are sloppy in your parents’ house already, then you might want to consider that when you live alone, if you don’t take measures, your house will win the award of clutter. Vacuum clean, mop, take out the trash and wash the dishes. A happy place starts by being a clean one, for the sake of your health.


  • Rely and trust on yourself


If you are not used to spending time alone, living by yourself will start a big challenge. Not being used to have alone time will probably make you feel lonely in the beginning. When you move to your own place, you need to enjoy the time with yourself and know that not a lot of people will be around all the time like before. Appreciate to spend time with yourself and learn how to be reliable to your own.


  • Go out and invite your friends over


Once used to your solitude, you might forget to go out and be around your friends. Whatever you do, don’t fall into this lifestyle. Having a social life is important. If you don’t want to leave the house at some point, invite them over for a drink or some dinner. Get out to do exercise and socialize with others. Work, house, house, work kind of routine is a threat to your mental and physical health.


  • Be nice to the neighbors


Being nice with the neighbor, even if you don’t like them, might be important for you and your sanity. If you go out of the country or town you live, they can always check your place for you and take good care of it. Also, if you have a good relationship, they will respect you and be aware not to make so much noise, hopefully.


  • Have the emergency numbers on hand


You don’t want to risk not to have the firefighters’ phone number. Keep the emergency contact list nearby or even in your phone memory. Save yourself stress, troubles and get your situations solves ASAP.


  • Learn some handy skills


Your mom or dad fixed the leaky sink before? Now, it has to be done by you. Or, you can always call them. Nonetheless, they might not be available to go solve the situation immediately. Learn some tricks yourself and fix your own problems.


  • Stick to a budget


This step is the most important one. You will be paying rent, electricity, water, gas, groceries all on your own. The best thing to do is starting the month with a budget and be aware of where you can spend money. Don’t start buying everything you want without knowing if you are economically able to. Don’t risk on this point. It can go really wrong and you don’t want that.


  • Be happy


Enjoy all the little things that living alone allows you. Make plans, decorate your house, create your style and lifestyle. Think about the future family you want to have if that is the case, and go discover life. Moving alone doesn’t need to be a burden. Stay realistic and trust yourself to make decisions.


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