Baseball Adds New Technology to Toolbox

A new era in baseball started when Major League Baseball (MLB) introduced Statcast. Baseball has rapidly evolved in recent years. Many general managers are interested in understanding the statistics and analytics of their teams to improve their performance. Bettors get promo codes for games when they make the correct baseball predictions. Here are three new technologies that baseball has added to the toolbox.

  1. Rapsodo

The Hofstra team uses Rapsodo in its bullpen. The pitchers show different statistics such as the strengths and weaknesses of a particular pitcher. It displays detailed information about each pitch including arm extension, pitch velocity, release angles, and spin rate. Most baseball teams do not review such information. Instead, they assess the velocity of a pitcher when they scout for new players.

Rapsodo analyzes the spin rate of a pitcher hence enabling a team manager to make an informed decision. It represents the rate at which the baseball spins once you release it. The rate is shown in revolutions per minute. You can have a high spin rate even if your velocity is low. The tool has helped some Hostra pitchers succeed in their career.

  1. Flightscope

Flightscope closely resembles Rapsodo. However, it offers a performance breakdown for pitchers and hitters in a game. Naturally, hitters and pitchers undergo different types of training. The tool helps coaches modify their practice plans. It displays the ball flight, exit velocity and launch angle when hitters are practicing.

Flightscope allows the coach to determine the type of pitch a team should use to reach base. It can improve the whole offense. Hitting the ball doesn’t involve crushing it into cages alone. Instead, a player should focus on throwing it inside the cage rather than under it. The tool breaks down hitters in different ways. It helps them improve their exit velocity and launch angle.

  1. Instant Replay

MLB introduced instant replay in 2014. It provides managers with one challenge in each game and an extra challenge if they pass the first one. The system greatly reduces the number of botched calls. Furthermore, the manager can review his team’s performance during its seventh inning. However, many people have a murky understanding of the system. It is tricky to remove the human element as it plays a critical role in baseball.

In baseball, it is common for some players to steal bases and signs. New technology has introduced competitive sleuthing in most baseball championships. There is a slight difference between talented players and teams. Modern training tools such as Flightscope and Rapsodo promote fairness in the sport.


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