Binary Options Fraud on the Rise


Binary options fraud is on the rise. The FBI reports that in 2011, it received four complaints about binary options fraud, but in 2016 the number of complaints had risen to the hundreds. More than that, the dollar value on binary options fraud in 2011 was around $20,000 – which was high, but by 2016, the amount of money lost to binary options scams was in the millions. Sadly, in the two intervening years, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

Firm Focuses on Wealth Recovery

Goldman Williams, a consulting firm that specializes in the field of wealth recovery, has narrowed its focus to binary options and Forex. While there are all sorts of scams on the Internet, binary options alone account for 25% of European wealth losses over the Internet.  

Some binary options and Forex operations are legitimate, but far too many of them are scams that will suck down your money and give nothing in return. The methods used by the scammers include identity theft, refusal to credit customer accounts (with funds that are supposed to be there), and manipulation of trading software.

Goldman Williams has been combatting the growing tides of fraudulent activity for the last thirteen years. As part of their dedicated service, they give an initial free consultation to those who need wealth recovery services. They are pleased to say that they have been able to retrieve millions of dollars, proving that in spite of protestations to the contrary, it’s possible to get at least a part of your money back.

Wary Consumers Might Not Seek Help

“We are aware,” says Adam Goldman, “that consumers who have already been defrauded once are now increasingly shy about trusting agencies.” Fortunately, there are some good guys out there in the world. If you are wondering if this is too good to be true, consider that 762 clients, 238 successful cases, and $13 million recovered is good evidence that help is out there. If you have been the victim of a binary options fraud, or even if you have lost money on a binary options exchange, contact legal help. Wealth recovery lawyers are in the business of helping you keep your money in your pocket. You might find that what you thought was a simple stock market loss was really fraud.


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