Businesses and Their Impact on the Environment


With scientists now projecting that we have 30 years to stop irreparable damage to our world, more businesses than ever are establishing ways in which they can reduce their negative impact on the environment and help to protect the environment through changes to their processes.

In fact, businesses can reduce the impact of global warming from both a manufacturing and an office perspective, and it is essential that they do this to protect further damage to the environment.

What can manufacturers do to help the environment?


  • Manufacturers often deal with chemicals and other toxic substances which can be a risk to both their employees and their business if they are not disposed of correctly, and this can cause environmental emergencies that harm wildlife and their surrounding environment. However, efficient waste disposal processes can halt this negative impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste that it is exposed to. OSI Environmental provides 24-hour emergency business environmental services to help to dispose of chemicals and toxic waste that could potentially harm the environment.
  • Manufacturers should also consider the benefits of lean processes, which prevent as many unnecessary materials from being used during production. By aligning the number of materials that you are investing in with demand, they can reduce the amount of wastage that they are pumping back into the environment and which they need to find eco-friendly ways of disposing of.
  • Manufacturers should also consider the option of using renewable energy resources rather than oil and coal through options like installing solar panels and harnessing geothermal and biomass energy. What’s more, the US government offer tax incentives for those businesses that use greener energy resources.


How can offices reduce their carbon footprint?


  • Offices can also reduce their carbon footprint in a number of efficient ways, such as transferring their data storage and documents from a paper format onto the Cloud. This has many benefits to the business in question, such as reducing the amount of physical storage that they may need and making their data more accessible. Not only this, but this is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of unnecessary paper that they are using.
  • Both offices and manufacturers can also rejuvenate their cleaning routines to help the environment by using biodegradable cleaners rather than harsh chemicals such as bleach which can potentially harm wildlife in the area. If this is not enough to convince businesses, using natural cleaning products also reduce their employees’ exposure to harsh chemicals which can cause serious illness over a long period of time.


Global warming will not only affect the environment, but scientists have also established it will also damage the US economy by 10% by the end of the century. The actions of businesses toward the environment are essential for the world response to global warming and its critical position.

By making a few simple changes and by being conscious of the impact that they are having on the environment, they can help to protect the world’s eco-system for the future.


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