Call Tracking and Your Business: How It Can Really Benefit You


Call tracking in businesses is becoming increasingly common nowadays, and you’re probably wondering what it does that makes it extremely helpful for business endeavors. After all, all it does is track calls, right? Well, yes and no. A lot of businesses have many misconceptions about call tracking because, yes, call tracking has a lot to do with tracking calls. However, if you get to use it for your business, you would know that tracking calls can do so much more to actually make your business operations shine.

It might be of interest to learn a bit more how calls can actually affect sales before fully understand why you should consider using call tracking. For instance, more than 90% of sales interactions actually happen over the phone. This is extremely important, given how it’s not that easy to make sales over the phone. Sales representatives in fact take around eight (8) attempts to cold-call prospects to successfully reach them, and only 13% of customers are convinced that sales representatives can help them with their particular needs. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to make sure your staff know how to make the most of their calls. Moreover, being able to track these calls properly can greatly help you in this endeavor.

Call Tracking: How It Helps Your Business

There are actually companies such as Fone Dynamics that specialize in providing businesses with call tracking services that are specific for their needs. However, if you want to get a bird’s eye view on how call tracking can work for your needs, here are some benefits you can take advantage of:


  • Keep track which channels are working or not: Call tracking assigns unique numbers to your channels, which means when customers see your company through any of these channels, they have something different to call you with. This essentially allows you to keep track of which channels are getting more traction from your audiences via the calls you make. In essence, this also lets you see which channels are in need of adjustments and which channels are working according to your specifications. This is a good way of saving time and budget for assessments, as you no longer need to go through a lot of reports.
  • Demystify questions regarding your calls: A lot of business owners would want to get a more in-depth view of what is going on during calls. Unfortunately, most businesses use software that “manages” calls but does not give you enough data that you can use to improve your business operations. Call tracking, as it can record calls, can finally give you more in-depth information as to what goes on during calls so you can make proper assessment and take appropriate actions.
  • Integrate your software with other analytics program you have: As a business, you’re likely going to depend on quite a number of software to get all the data you need for your work processes. Just thinking about implementing yet another software can be such a bummer. However, call tracking software is actually very straightforward to use, and the data you can from it aren’t the same as those from other software you already have. In fact, data from call tracking software can be used to complement and supplement other data you have, giving you a more comprehensive view of what’s happening to your company and your sales processes.
  • Define your customer service and see how it actually works: One of the best perks call tracking can give your company is the ability to give you a more in-depth look as to how your sales officers are interacting with your clients. By recording and tracking calls, not only do you get the demographics of your customers, but you can also check the performance of your staff. This allows you to pinpoint which employees are actually meeting their objectives, which ones need work, and which ones can be developed into more effective staff.
  • Have a more accurate look into customer satisfaction: There are a lot of ways to assess customer satisfaction, and the most common are surveys, interviews, and reviews. Getting these isn’t always the easiest thing to do, given you’ll need to actively reach out to customers just to get these data. With call tracking, you can have a much more “raw” look into customer satisfaction. Staff and sales officers can actually see for themselves how they are performing or how customers are responding to their particular strategies. Which words or phrases appeal to them more? What tone of voice works? These little things can make huge differences in customer satisfaction and potential conversions.


The Bottom Line: Call Tracking Can Propel Your Business Forward

Call tracking can be quite an interesting concept for a lot of business owners, especially since call tracking might sound like a very simple and basic technology. How will it help businesses shine? With the above information, you’ll likely be surprised that being able to track calls can provide you a huge repository of opportunities that you can tap into to propel your business to success.  


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