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Pretty much everyone is going to get behind the wheel at some point or another. Most people take this action for granted and that can lead to terrible consequences in the future. One only has to look at the local news to find stories of horrible events taking place when people push their automobiles a little too far. In the least case scenario, the individual might get a speeding ticket. At the worst, they may kill themselves or someone else. In Pennsylvania, a police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law. He was charged with driving a vehicle without a license after crashing his patrol car.

29-year-old Richard Dilimone of Pittsburgh is now facing criminal charges. He is facing a charge of driving without a license and a charge of causing an accident while not properly licensed. The incident happened in late August. Initially, it was believed that Dilimone was off-duty when he caused the wreck. That wasn’t the case. In reality, he was on duty at the time. It is unknown whether or not Dilimone will get any jail time. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that he is going to lose his job in the end.

It has been reported that the officer’s license had expired just 18 days before the incident. The other driver, Michelle Werderber, was taken to the hospital after the wreck. Car accidents usually only impact the vehicles’ occupants. However, there are some rare cases in which others are going to be impacted from the accident. This was the case after a car wreck in Warner Robins on September 13, 2018. After the accident, it was reported that 1,400 individuals in the area were left without power. Flint Energies made the new available on its Facebook page.

A few hours after the incident, the company went on to reveal that it had restored all power. It was only waiting on the Warner Robins Police Department to clear and release the area. Then, they would be able to replace the pole and restore power to the remain 300 individuals or so. Another recent car wreck took place in Liberty Township, Ohio. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a 5-year-old running from the car claiming that his father was asleep. The boy emerged from the vehicle seeking out help after the accident occurred. Now, the father has been charged.

31-year-old Julian D’Amico was booked into the Trumbull County Jail on Thursday evening. The police report indicates that D’Amico wrecked on Saint Andrews Drive near 5th Avenue. After police arrived at the scene and the driver was placed in the ambulance, it was discovered that he was lethargic and possibly suffering from an opioid overdose. Officers searched the vehicle and found an open bottle of alcohol. D’Amico has been charged with several serious counts, including endangering a child, OVI and failing to control a vehicle.

If convicted, there is a pretty good chance that he is going to spend a lot of time behind bars. As for the child, he was thankfully not injured in the crash.


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