Common health problems Americans face


Common health problems Americans face


Americans who are interested in learning about common health problems that face the nation and its citizens have more information at their disposal than any previous generation. The ability to check facts and figures online with a few simple clicks or swipes means that there is really no excuse for not knowing about any dangers you might face, or being ignorant of steps you can take to make sure you live a long and healthy life. Americans’ health is perceived differently at home and abroad, as some common health problems are sometimes seen as being a direct result of the lifestyles that many Americans lead.

Common health problems

The fact is that many Americans eat more and do less than previous generations, in terms of having a wealth of food available and a lack of physical exercise brought about by more leisurely lifestyles and less physically demanding occupations. The combinations of these and other factors lead to several main health problems being the most common threats you are likely to face.

Heart disease

Various forms of heart disease are responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths recorded annually in the US, making it the number-one health condition the country faces. Estimates are that a heart attack affects somebody in the US every 43 seconds. With doctors recommending more routine physical activity and a diet that has plenty of fresh produce in it as the best ways to protect yourself from heart disease, it is obvious to see where a link with modern lifestyles and contemporary living can be made.


There is a very big difference between being a little overweight and becoming obese, but sadly, for many Americans, it is a line that is increasingly being crossed. Consequently, obesity is a major health concern in the country, and it is something that is perceived as an American problem by the rest of the world. Having a healthy lifestyle that, once again, is based around getting plenty of exercise and eating a good balanced diet is the best way of avoiding becoming obese.

General aches and pains

The medical profession is good at finding out what ails people, but many people have conditions that go undiagnosed or are simply long-term chronic problems that simply need management. In many cases, this means aches and pains that are individual to each person and have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Fortunately, pain relief is widely available both over the counter and by prescription from a health care professional. This means that no one needs to suffer long-term pain, and even the most debilitating issues can be managed so that you can live life to the full.

Common problems, simple solutions

The good news is that the most common health problems facing the US today generally have quite simple solutions that can help you avoid ill health and enable you to live well. Preventive care really works and makes the old saying “prevention is better than cure” make even more sense today than ever before.


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