Common holiday mishaps – and how you can avoid them


Sun, sea and sand? Or sickness, sunburn and suffering? No one goes on holiday expecting to find themselves injured – sadly as thousands of holidaymakers discover each year, many holidays end in disaster. With many tourists not even to blame for what happened, people are often left in unfortunate situations – click the link if you’re looking for an injury lawyer

Having your holiday ruined is one thing, but if you fall ill or you’re injured then the repercussions of your mishap can have far-reaching consequences. Especially if you’re unable to return to work. Taking out travel insurance is an absolute must for anyone who is heading off on vacation, but what you’ll also need is the knowledge of how you can avoid the most common holiday mishaps. Read on to find out more.

Road accidents

Driving on the wrong side of the road, strange road signs, unsure of the speed limit and the wrath of local motorists. Driving abroad certainly has its challenges, and it’s also a leading cause of holiday accidents and injuries. The best way to avoid these kinds of incidents include:

  • Researching local driving habits and conditions
  • Not drinking and driving
  • Ensuring you have all the correct documentation 
  • Being alert!

Sickness/food poisoning

Going on holiday is all about the cuisine! You’ll get to try all kinds of new flavours, meals and cuisines and excite your taste buds with something new – if you want to. Sadly, even sticking to the foods you know and love won’t shield you from potential food poisoning. Food poisoning symptoms can range from being a mild irritant or a full-blown hospital emergency, so be careful and follow this advice:

  • Eat at restaurants with good reviews and a good reputation
  • Only eat food that is piping hot and cooked through
  • If you can see food being prepared, is it done so safely and hygienically? 
  • Avoid salads and ice
  • Wash your hands before eating

Activity accidents

Many people go on holiday to try new things and activities. Once in a lifetime pursuits that they’ll remember forever. Sadly, you want to remember your holiday for all the right reasons, so if you want to avoid breaking a limb or severely injuring yourself whilst partaking in vacation activities, consider the following:

  • Ensure all instructors are fully trained and registered
  • Ask yourself if the equipment looks appropriate and high quality
  • Only pursue activities with registered and reputable companies
  • Check their credentials online
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the activity


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