Common Skin Conditions That Can Be Linked to Genetics

Clear, smooth, glowing skin is associated with being in good health. When you see someone with nice skin, it is natural to assume that they eat well and exercise as they should. Strangely enough, some people who are fortunate enough to have clear and beautiful skin can be addicted to fast food, never workout, chain-smoke cigarettes, and consume alcohol on a daily basis. Just like people who don’t take care of themselves can have great looking skin, conditions like acne, dark eyelids, under eye bags, and hyperpigmentation can be seen in those who treasure their health. Don’t assume that someone who happens to have pimples is an unhealthy eater who never washes their face. Likewise, if you have a skin condition that you have tried to get rid of before, it could simply be a case of it being linked to genetics.

Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation

In order to have perfect looking skin, you need to have an even complexion. Hyperpigmentation is associated with skin trauma, as well as other issues such as diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, some people are simply prone to having skin that is more than one color. If you have dark spots on your face, redness in your cheeks that never goes away, or your facial skin just isn’t the same color all over, you might have rosacea or hyperpigmentation. Moreover, if other people in your family have skin that looks the same way then your condition likely has nothing to do with diet. See a diet and learn if a treatment, medication, or advanced skin care routine can clear things up.

What Causes Dark Eyelids?

Women may enjoy applying eyeshadow for a smoky eye look, but none want to have permanently dark eyelids. When you have dark eyelids, you tend to look like tired and fatigued. While there are some skin conditions that can cause dark eyelids, some racial groups are simply genetically predisposed to have darker skin on top of and around their eyelids. To say that dark eyelids is always a sign of poor health would be scientifically inaccurate and there are no home remedies that will work in these situations. People who develop dark eyelids in childhood or as young adults are also more likely to be genetically predisposed to it.

Bags Under the Eyes

If you stay up all night studying or even partying, you’re likely to start showing signs of exhaustion – in the form of heavy bags under your eyes. In most cases, a good night’s rest will make them disappear on their own. Then again, there are people who have bags under their eyes seemingly for no reason at all. In actuality, bags under the eyes can be a feature that is common to a person’s family ancestry. In addition, eye bags also tend to become more prominent in people as they age.

Just like people can have dry, oily, or combination skin, you might get pimples for no reason well into adulthood. If your genetic code makes you prone to hyperpigmentation on your face, don’t assume that you are at fault. Some skin conditions can be fixed and some are natural.


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