Coping With The New Normal- How Businesses Can Thrive In The Pandemic


The first wave of the pandemic hit businesses unexpectedly and the shock was massive. Fortunately, most of the organizations were able to bear the impact and survive with rapid tech adoption. The challenges are still there are they reopen, though the preparedness levels are much higher than before. Companies have learned several lessons that they can now use for coping with the new normal. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to thrive in the pandemic world, there are some measures that would generally work for all businesses. Here are the key ideas that you can implement to recover and come back stronger through the crisis. 

Accelerated digitization

Digital transformation has been the key to survival for businesses and it will continue to be vital in the future as well.  Brands will need to reposition themselves and shift their products and services to ensure customer engagement and retention in the new normal. For example, it is hard to imagine selling in the future without going contactless with payments and deliveries. Even as you continue adopting new digital technologies with time, you will have to accelerate the transition. Being an early adopter is the only way to gain customer attention and competitive advantage for your business. 

Customer expectations lead the way

Customer behaviors and expectations have witnessed a drastic transition in the pandemic season. For making a strong comeback, aligning with these ever-evolving expectations does not remain a choice. Going digital with your offerings can help but you need to think outside the box for your messaging as well. The intention is to win the trust of the consumers, which is best done by prioritizing their safety. Implement all the safety measures at your location and in your operations. You can check official websites to understand the latest guidelines and access #WantNews to see what global businesses are doing to drive their safety initiatives. At the same time, pass on this information to the customers so that you have better chances of regaining foot traffic.

The shift to remote operations

Although lockdowns are lifted, reopening is happening in a controlled manner.  A large number of organizations are adopting remote operations as a long-term arrangement to curb the contagion. If you have a small facility where social distancing may not be feasible, it makes sense to let people continue working from home. The silver lining is that businesses and employees are pretty comfortable with remote operations as they have been working this way for months now. Gearing up for the post-pandemic world may require you to invest in some more remote working applications and solutions. This is something you should happily do to stay one step ahead of the virus and your competition.

The world isn’t going to be the same at least for a foreseeable future. Smarter businesses will accept the inevitable and make all efforts to align with the situation. Rethinking your IT infrastructure and operating models is the mainstay of a successful business growth plan in the crisis. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget the human angle and keep the safety of your employees and customers at the forefront.



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