Dealing with the Lack of Snapchat Parental Controls


Snapchat is a unique and fantastic social media platform which has provided us with a fresh way of interacting with our friends and family. It can be appreciated for many different reasons; these range from its ability to provide instant and easy video and picture messaging to its base feature which removes all pictures or videos sent after they have been viewed. However, despite the enjoyment of the application there are some concerns for youth using the applications due to the lack of Snapchat parental controls. Regardless of why many social media applications are now going without parental controls, there are a number of different options for those parents who are worried about what their children may be exposed to. As with anything sometimes one option works and sometimes a combination does, but there are always things which work best for different people, there is no right answer! So, read on and decide what will work for you when dealing with this lack of Snapchat parental controls.

Alter the Settings on the Snapchat App

There are settings already on the Snapchat app which will increase security. Though they do not classify as parental controls because you can’t lock them in place, they do take some steps to increase the safety of whoever is using the application. The settings do this by making it harder for people who don’t know you to add you. There are a number of different options which reduce your visibility to people who have not added you as a friend on the application. This approach works very well if you are only worried about your child talking to strangers who they haven’t specifically chosen to add. However, because you are unable to lock settings in place you need to trust that your child won’t go and change them themselves. Making sure they are aware of why you have made the changes to their settings could go a long way in helping them make the right choice in not privately making changes. 

Download an Application 

There are also many different options when downloading an application to help you with the lack of Snapchat parental controls. There are a multitude of options available which all take different approaches to filling in for applications which don’t have parental controls, or in some cases even apps which do have parental controls. When looking to download a parental application it is important to do your research. Find a specific application which works for you and your child that allows you to both feel comfortable. Finding the right application can sometimes be tough but it’s an important investment to keep your child safe and you both happy so put the effort in to find one that fits with what you want. Look for an application which does not share the information that it will have access to about you and your child as well as for an application which doesn’t make your child feel as though you are invading their privacy. Despite the fact that there are no Snapchat parental controls you can still take a wide variety of steps to making sure you have peace of mind and your child is safe.



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