Diabetes: spotting the signs of this serious condition


Around 100 million Americans are believed to have diabetes or prediabetes. With increased public health awareness of the condition and with advances in medical technology (such as prototypes of artificial pancreases) now available or under investigation, the outlook is certainly more positive than it once was. From vision issues to tiredness, though, there are still lots of negative side effects of the condition. Here are some of the main symptoms of diabetes to watch out for if you’re looking to catch it early.

Excessive thirst and urination

There’s a lot of unpleasantness associated with diabetes – symptoms, treatment and more can all be problematic to go through. However, perhaps one of the most inconvenient symptoms of the condition is the way that it often causes patients to be excessively thirsty. It’s believed that this is because your kidneys find it difficult to process the extra sugar in your bloodstream, which causes more urination and eventually also dehydrates you. If either of these symptoms affect you, then you should head to your primary care physician to find out more about the problem.

Vision problems

While it may not be the obvious place that you’d think of when you consider how diabetes symptoms might play out, this condition can actually cause your eyes to significantly change behavior. If you find that you’re not able to see with the same degree of focus as before, for example, then it’s definitely worth speaking to your physician to find out if there’s an issue.

It’s especially important that any vision problems are reported to your physician or optician early, because over the long term, it’s possible that diabetes can cause even more damage. A network of blood vessels already exists in the eye regions, but diabetes can actually lead to even more vessels materializing if it’s not sorted out – which poses a real risk to your eye health.


Those who experience diabetes also often suffer from tiredness and fatigue. There’s no single reason why this often happens to diabetes patients, but it’s thought that one possible reason is that your body isn’t able to properly use sugar to keep you going – leaving you feeling like you’re a bit low on energy. If you find yourself experiencing an unusual amount of fatigue, then it’s advisable to head to your primary care physician – especially if you’re also experiencing other symptoms.

Diabetes is a difficult condition to manage, and it’s not a pleasant thing to have to deal with. However, the good news is that there have been many developments in the study of diabetes in recent years, and that now many people have the chance to lead normal lives even though they have the condition. Thanks to an increased public awareness of the symptoms, it’s now the case that people can spot diabetes more easily – which means that there’s more chance of catching it early and preventing it from causing too much damage.


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