Different ways of understanding women

Plenty of books have been written about the different ways of understanding women. However, people find the social life of women to be complex and difficult to understand it fully. You can now read more about some of the most helpful facts that we have combined about understanding women. Some of these facts have turned out to be true about women since we have sampled them from real-life experiences expressed by men and fellow women.

Heels were for men

In the early 1960s, men used to wear heels as a sign of masculinity. As a result of the pressure of gender equality and recognition, women also adopted the fashion of wearing women heels. Since then, shoes have been made with higher heels as compared to the smaller heels that they used to have. Today’s society associates the wearing of heels with feminism and extreme beauty. In most cases, women consider flat shoes to be a bit more casual as compared to the heels.  A substantial number of women prefer wearing heels due to its association with beauty. A woman’s character can also be attributed to the kind of heel that they were. For instance, Stilettos are associated with class, beauty and wealth. Pregnant women prefer to wear flat shoes because they find them to be more comfortable as compared to the high heels. Some jobs for women also require them to wear a particular type of heel.

More girls go to school than boys

Two of the highest recorded IQs belong to women. Women tend to be brighter as compared to boys, hence making them to have the urge to learn. Research indicates that more girls go to women college as compared to the number of boys that attend school. A large part of the population in the criminal world consists boys who never went to school. You can now place essayzoo.org to find out more as to why girls like learning while boys are hesitant about going to school. As well, the gender equality campaign has enlightened girls about the need to be educated and have good careers. Men have always been a top priority in society, and thus, it is time for girls be a part of that position too.

Women see more colors

Naturally, most men are known to have color blindness syndrome. This syndrome is absent in women because they see more colors than men. Women attraction to things is mostly determined by the type of colors that they see. The attraction varies from one woman to another based on their taste. An example is a case whereby women can argue about a piece of cloth being white, and some of them end up claiming that it is blue. This is because they see approximately 20% more differences in the same color and shape. The best thing to do in understanding a woman is not to argue with her about colors, especially if you are a man. Chances are that the argument will end up upsetting the woman because she believes in what her eyes see. 

A heightened sense of smell

Before the implementation of technology, our ancestors depended on hunting and gathering for food. Women were mostly in the gathering sector. Due to their heightened sense of smell, they were in a position to smell the different foods and fruits in order to pick the best. This role was not made for the men because it was believed that they did not have a heightened sense of smell as compared to women. In the current world, women are very particular when it comes to the selection of perfumes. They are able to differentiate between two close smells. On the contrary, men rarely change their perfumes because they can only differentiate a few smells. 

There are 1.6 million female veterans in the United States

Women are good at sticking to a particular obligation for a long period of time. There are 1.6 million female veterans in the United States because they turn out to be the best fit for most jobs. In the US, there is a substantial number of female veterans in the different sectors hence making it easy for such sectors to achieve the set goals. Having a lot of experience in a particular filed makes it easy for an individual to understand the necessary procedures required to meet objectives. This is in contrast to men who tend to switch jobs within a short period. Such leads to them lacking enough experience in a particular field.

Long live women

 Women have been doing a lot of constructive things to bring changes in the world. Most of the large charity organizations and children homes were founded by women. After children becoming students, they can save time by using https://writemyessayforme.co.uk/. This calls for society to acknowledge the efforts that women have been doing to ensure that they live long enough to continue offering such services. A woman is considered to be the backbone of a society and a tool of childbearing. Without women, there would be no population growth. They take care of their young ones and provide for them until they reach an age suitable to take care of themselves. Women do not only bring up educated children but also teach them about morals and ways of 


It is legal for a woman to be topless in public in New York, as long as it’s not for business purposes

Women have a tendency of wanting their beauty recognized. Therefore, some believe that being topless in public is a way of showing their beauty and leading people into giving them the appreciation and attention that they desire. This has happened in the past and received both positive and negative impacts from society. However, people have gotten used to it as a way of showing beauty hence the act no longer receives much negativity in society. Our ancestors never used to wear clothes covering every part of the body, and everyone was comfortable about it. Therefore, it should not be a concern when it happens in the modern world. Women like to feel beautiful in their skin.

Women blink about twice as often as men

Research indicates that women blink twice as much as men. This rate also varies from one woman to another. For instance, women using contraceptives tend to blink at a higher rate as compared to those that are not using. In addition, teenagers also blink faster as compared to the women who have already reached the menopause mark. The rate of blinking has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. It is a body process that is out of the control of an individual. As long as you are born a woman, then you have to blink twice as much as men.

Concisely, understanding a woman takes more than being close to them. The above tips would be a great starting point for an individual to understand a woman. Women also claim not to understand themselves, and this makes it even more difficult to come up with the perfect tips of dealing with a woman. In addition, a woman’s moods also play a role in the ability of other people to be able to associate with a her effectively.


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