Different Ways To Reward Your Employees


It’s important to cherish hardworking employees because they’re often hard to come by. There are a lot of candidates out there, but not all of them are going to work out in the long run. Luckily, there are many different ways for how you can reward your employees and keep them satisfied.

It’s worth your time, energy and extra efforts to show them your appreciation so they’re sure to stick around for years to come. No longer is it acceptable to take advantage of skilled and talented workers because they’ll likely quickly switch jobs or head to a competitor if they’re not feeling valued.

Monetary Gifts

One way to reward your employees and keep them around is to offer them monetary gifts. It can be in the form of a raise, gift card or regular bonuses. You can guarantee any staff member would be thrilled to have more money in their pocket or be able to go spend a gift card on an item they’ve been wanting. Make sure you budget ahead for these types of costs so you can deliver on your promise when the time comes and your employees begin to perform well. Money is also an enticing reward because it’s likely your workers will keep this type of benefit in mind as competitors approach them and try to steal them away.


Feeding your employees who do a good job is always an excellent option for how to reward them. There are many different ways you can go with this particular offering including catering lunch in or taking them out to a meal such as dinner after work. Choose a fancier restaurant that is a bit special and pricier and proves you’re willing to go above and beyond to keep your top performers happy. It’ll be nice for your workers who receive this reward to not have to pack or buy their own meal that day because you’ll be supplying it for them. This is also a good opportunity to tell them specifically what they did that impressed you and set goals for the future.

Plaques, Certificates or Medals

Another creative way to show your employees you care about them and want to recognize their hard work is to hand out plaques, certificates or medals when they do a good job. Visit a site such as ChallengeCoins4Less to review and price out your options for what you can physically hand to anyone who’s catching your attention. Take it a step further and make it a competition in the office to see who can collect the most medals in any given year. It’s a fun and harmless way to motivate your staff and keep everyone engaged at work.

Days Off or Work from Home

No one’s ever going to complain if you offer them the reward of a day off or the ability to work from home when they put forth an extra effort. It’s always nice to not have to come into the office and get a break away from daily responsibilities and tasks. It’s likely this short time away from the office will have them returning feeling refreshed and ready to get down to business again. Allow them to pick when they want to take off or work from home, so it’s conducive to their individual schedules and not just when it’s convenient for you.

Office Messages

Calling out specific individuals in your company-wide emails or memos is yet another great way to reward your employees and show your appreciation. Include their name, praise about what they did that was notable and thank them for all their hard work. This is not only a wise way to give your top performers a little extra credit, but it’ll likely inspire other workers to want to do a good job and get called out in an office message too going forward. Be sure to switch it up and not always be talking about the same employee over and over again. Discover each person’s individual talents and what they bring to the table to help create an atmosphere where everyone has the desire to want to be a team player.

Tickets to A Show or Sporting Event

There are likely local shows or sports teams that people in your office adore and would like to see firsthand. Reward your employees who are excelling with tickets to a popular show or sporting event that’s happening in your area. Include at least a couple of tickets or more so they can invite friends or family along to join them and make a night of it. They’ll be very thankful of the kind gesture when they’re out and about having a fun evening on the town on your dime. You can even go a step further and throw in some extra money for food and drinks if you’re feeling generous.

Casual Dress Day

No one truly enjoys having to dress up for work every day of the week and look nice all the time. Offer up casual dress day for anyone who you feel deserves it and allow them to wear jeans or whatever they want that’s comfortable to the office. The other employees will see how nice it is to be able to dress down once in a while and will want to work hard to earn this reward as well. Being able to sport casual apparel is a risk-free reward that’s also a great motivator and will get people in the mood to want to perform their job duties better.


It’s extremely important to reward your employees and show your gratitude for all their efforts on a regular basis. If you get sloppy in this area it’s likely you’ll soon start losing some of your best talent to other businesses. Use these suggestions as a starting point and begin to map out which ideas you think are most feasible at your workplace and then put them into action. Finally, keep in mind that this type of recognition will benefit both the company and the employees.


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