Effective Team Building Activities to Increase Collaboration for Remote Employees

Successful team building is critical to increasing productivity and collaboration at the workplace. Even if your team works virtually from different locations, you can keep them connected using the latest technologies to boost the team building activities. 

Since nearly 77% of the companies having above 2500 workers allow working remotely, collaborations on-the-go have become important than ever before. 

Here are some team building activities based on technology and smart devices for sustainable productivity in remote working. 

Integrating Automated Project Management

A business needs an effective project management tool to track and monitor every aspect of its working. You can keep productivity and efficiency at the same levels even when your employees work remotely or remain connected on the go. 

Choose the software based on the cloud and compatible with mobile devices to accommodate on-the-go employees. That improves their productivity as every member of the team can oversee each task at any time from anywhere. They can collaborate to schedule the deadlines, assign tasks, or do other organizational activities.

Implementing Cloud-Based Communications and Collaborations

Remote working employees need consistent communications for collaborating on a project. Give them practical automated tools that facilitate easy interactions with the entire team, even on the go. When you need the expertise of an employee to solve a problem, it can’t wait until the working hours. 

Cloud-based communication tools come handy in these situations. Your team members can not only collaborate but also keep in touch with customers using these tools. 

When planning your team building activities, make sure to integrate smart communication methods in the mix. This will motivate every team member to stay updated and collaborate in the activities. 

Sharing the Important Data

In any team, productivity depends mainly on sharing essential data and information on a project. When working collaboratively, your team may require file-sharing at frequent intervals. Here, you can introduce automation for digital sharing of the files across the time zones and miles of distance. 

The tools and software needed for remote file sharing will make the processes faster and effective. If your organization lacks in terms of sharing culture, you may use some group activities based on games and fun to teach your employees how to share relevant information. 

Using Smart Productivity Tools

Purpose-driven team building activities become a stepping stone to a unified workforce. With smart tools and activities, you can resolve issues in communications and productivity. 

Whether it’s about meeting the deadlines or preparing the timesheets, you can facilitate your remote workers to work efficiently from any location. They can see their work schedules and track their hours just like the onsite teams. 

The team leaders monitor daily productivity and give their feedback on any pressing issue. There are many productivity tools you can choose to keep your employees on the roll even when they are far from the physical workplace. 

With effective technology-based group activities, you can bring more efficiencies and productivity to every project. Implement these technologies and integrate them into your existing systems for better results.


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