Eight signs which show that you need a job change


Aren’t you finding peace in your job? Are you really stressed about your work? Do you have this feeling that you do not fit in your job? If yes, then it might be the time to move on. In this context, “move on,” actually means to move out of your job – just quit. If you are unsure whether you really want to leave your job or not, here are some other instances which will tell “you are all set to move on!”


  • You do not feel like going to office: Monday morning blues are normal. But when every morning you are up for office and your enthusiasm level is low, you know that you should look for your next job. Things might seem miserable to you. It is like ‘you do not want to go to office,’ but there is no other better option.
  • You are constantly in search of better opportunity: When you are constantly exploring jobs on websites like The Job explorer, it certainly means that you are looking for some new opportunities, and the current role does not interest you any more.
  • You do not find compatibility with your boss and office mates: You have been constantly facing issues with your boss and subordinates, lately. Sometimes they are not fixable to you and sometimes, you are not fixable to them.
  • Your office work is affecting your personal life: Your office work has negatively affected your personal life and physical health. There is no me-time left for you. You are working overnight and taking a lot of stress. You are not able to hang out with your family and friends. You are trapped in office work 24/7.
  • Your performance is sinking: You are not the great performer as you used to be. Your performance graph is going down. Now, you do not feel like performing the same old task again and again, anymore. This tells that you need a break and you need a new job.
  • You are not able to utilize your skills fully: In the present job, you feel trapped as you are not able to utilize your skills to the fullest. You feel like you are not getting the right opportunities to showcase your skills and strengths. Work routine of your office lacks adventure and it is highly monotonous.
  • You are missing on work-life balance: In your day, you are spending most of the time working on the laptop, not spending time with family and friends. You are even using your personal time to cater to your office work.
  • The company is about to close: There is no sincerity in staying with a drowning ship. Preserve your life and seek for better opportunity. Also, this sign cannot be ignored at all.


The moment you find any of these signs haunting you, know that it’s time to bid adieu to your current professional role and look for the next best opportunity.  


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