Electric Scooter Injuries

These days, electric scooters provide a very appealing alternative form of transportation. They offer independence, make commute times shorter and parking is not a problem. And, if you are environmentally conscious and ride an electric scooter, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

What Other Advantages Do Electric Scooters Offer?

Electric scooters have undergone a radical transformation and gone from being a traditional children’s toy to a popular form of transportation for adults of all ages. As such, they can be legally ridden on the street. If your scooter rides under 20 mph you do not need a license to drive one and the scooter itself doesn’t require registration. Also, no insurance is required and license plates do not have to be displayed.

On the other hand, you are not allowed to ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk, you must be over 16 years old to ride it and some states also require that you wear a properly fitted helmet that meets the safety standards established by local state authorities. Although California did away with this requirement last year.

Are Electric Scooters Safe To Ride?

Electric scooters are definitely fun, fast and trendy. However, they also have a darker side. According to research conducted by Consumer Reports, there were at least 1,500 accidents nationwide that have involved electric scooters. And that number reflects only what happened in 2018.

Research conducted by the CDC has uncovered that for every 100,000 electric scooter trips, there will be 20 injuries. And these injuries range from head injuries (including traumatic brain injuries) to broken bones, nerve, tendon and ligament injuries, organ damage, and severe bleeding. Many of those injuries could easily have been prevented through the use of a helmet.

During warm weather months, electric scooters tend to flood the streets of many cities across the United States. And the fact that they can be easily rented in many places using only a phone app, makes them even more appealing.

Reports of deaths attributable to electric scooters have increased, including such examples as a man who was not wearing a helmet and crashed into a tree, while a boy was killed when he fell off his scooter and was hit by a car.

Accidents also tend to happen when more than one person steps into the scooter, or when they don’t wear helmets (which are not provided by electric scooter rental companies).

These statistics are forcing some cities to reconsider their policies regarding the use of electric scooters in their streets and roads. Mainly, they have to face the reality that roads and sidewalks were not built with electric scooters in mind. And scooter uses need to be expert enough to be able to navigate poorly paved streets, potholes, other bikes, cars, and other road users.

As a general recommendation, before riding an electric scooter you should make sure that it is in proper working condition and has no defects. Also, make sure to always wear a helmet.

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