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The art of folding paper is doing the rounds for nearly 14 centuries. Though origami is commonly linked with Japan, yet scholars dispute the precise data plus the location of the development of origami. China too has an established past of paper folding, and folding paper traditions have got documented in many European nations, which include Italy and Spain. Nonetheless, the beginnings of origami are not clear, and it can’t be disputed that origami has got a fascinating and rich history. It was Japan who incorporated the knack of paper folding into their popular culture, and so, paper figures turned into a traditional exchange between the warriors of Samurai. Some origami shapes got integrated into the Japanese religious ceremonies.

As the paper was costly in ancient Japan, so origami was reserved only for the upper section of the society. Nonetheless, with passing them, it became famous all through the country. Because more and more people practiced this art, the Japanese begin to invent more creative and intricate designs. These designs then passed down via a rich oral custom in Japan. Amongst many art forms of origami, making easy paper airplane is hugely familiar with the children as well as adults. People test their paper folding method by making these paper airplanes.

Advantages of origami

Origami is considered a hobby which has multiple benefits. This is a creative plus fun hobby which makes an excellent finished product. Apart from this, it is a soothing activity and a magnificent teaching tool. The advantages of this art are confined only by your imagination. Many people find the process of making origami too relaxing as it is a great tool to lessen your levels of stress. Making origami sculptures augments the concentration of your mind while calming the noise from your busy day. When you become skilful at origami, then you are required to use less thought, thus, creating an incredible feeling.

When you are concentrating on a modest task like folding a paper and creating shapes, then it turns meditative, and it is an excellent way to escape from worry, anxiety, and stress. Again, origami increases relaxation plus endorses a sensation of well-being. When you are involved in the process of practicing origami, then you are getting a kind of self-esteem. Again, finishing a sculpture of origami brings a sense of pride and satisfaction. When your origami is more complicated, then you feel much better. With this art, you can use beautiful papers, and a feeling of accomplishment becomes excellent when you are getting better at this art.

Making paper airplane

Teachers too find origami to be a super tool to be introduced to children as it helps in developing the capability of the students to go through instructions, increase attention spans besides improving motor skills. Making easy paper airplane are used in art class or in integrated into language history, arts, or social studies lessons. This is an excellent way to make use of imagination and creativity to create a beautiful airplane. In fact, you can make a paper airplane and gift it to your friend or close one too, and it will turn out to be a delightful surprise.


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