Four Major Companies That Are Helping Communities


Fortunately, more and more companies are helping communities. Some companies prefer global initiatives, but there is a growing trend for major companies to help the specific communities where their employees live. The following companies prove that helping others does not hurt profits.


1.Smithfield Foods


We associate Smithfield Foods with family gatherings and holiday meals. The company focuses on philanthropy and employee involvement.


The rapid response of Smithfield Foods following Hurricane Florence shows that the company wholeheartedly supports the recovery of the flood-ravaged communities in NC. The company employees more than 10,000 workers in the affected area. The day after Hurricane Florence, Smithfield Foods mobilizes their Helping Hungry Homes and donates 480,000 servings of protein to two local food banks. The company commits $100,000 to the American Red Cross to support ongoing disaster-relief and recovery efforts.


Smithfield Foods shows national support by donating large amounts of protein to the Food Bank of Iowa, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, California Wildfire Relief Efforts, and supplying the Veterans’ Mobile Food Pantry in VA.


Smithfield supports environmental education by sponsoring scholarships and donating $25,000 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to fund environmental education programs in VA.


Employees are encouraged to support Feeding America and educating others about hunger in America.


People tend to associate Smithfield with NC or VA, but they support communities across America.




Nationwide is not just “on your side”, but on the side of involving their employees in the community. The company promotes community involvement by giving associates paid work time to:

  • Mentor students.
  • Participate in community care days.
  • Help at a local food bank.


Getting paid to help others is an ingenious idea for encouraging employees to help the community. Also, Nationwide has a Red Cross Blood Donor Center in the building. Associates earn time off for a blood donation.


Nationwide’s unique plan is a way to show employees the value of helping others.




Starbucks is in an astonishing amount of communities. The company recognizes that each community is different and has unique individual needs. Starbucks mission is to serve the communities in which they are located. Their community service program engages their workers in local service projects. During the year, their employees dedicate their time to help create positive changes in neighborhoods. The key areas of community involvement focus on:


  • Supporting youth programs.
  • Help with transitioning veterans.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Coordinating with hunger organizations.


Working with members of the local community is key to making lasting connections.


4.Eli Lilly


The giant pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly uses The Lilly Foundation to improve public elementary education in Indianapolis, their headquarters. The Lilly Foundation focuses on programs that incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. The employees in Indianapolis volunteer as “science coaches” for local students. Lilly Cares Oncology provides free oncology treatment for patients who cannot afford care. Also, the company holds an annual Global Day of Service. More than 24,000 employees in 65 different countries volunteer in their local communities. Lilly strives to make a difference locally and globally.


These companies encourage their employees to make a difference and to have a mission. This allows communities to receive needed help and resources.


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