Four Tips to Easily Raise More Money for Your School


Public financing is never enough to equip all schools with high-quality computers, innovative accessories, and daily supplies. And, while most private schools rely on the sponsors’ generosity and fund themselves through school tuition fees, public schools hardly find the necessary money to survive and provide top-quality education and access to good facilities. 

So, whether we’re talking about a new school gym, building a pool in the school campus, renovating the dorms or simply getting better food at the cafeteria, there are plenty of ways through which you can raise more money for your school, alongside your friends and fellow students. 


A school picnic

Throwing an annual school picnic for all the students is a great way to raise more money for a certain cause. It is ideal for the warmer days at the end of the school year or in the first month after starting a new school year.

It does require some planning in advance, meaning finding the perfect venue (a park close to the school or on the site of the school campus), designing announcements, and establishing a participation fee. 

All students are welcome to join and you can ask local companies or sponsors to provide food and beverages for the event. If you’re planning on involving elementary school children you’ll also need the parents’ consent and some volunteers from the parents’ school committee to watch over the children and make sure everything runs smoothly. 


A Balloon Pop Party

It may not seem much but a balloon pop party can easily raise money for a small cause. First, you’ll need as many helium-filled balloons as possible, preferably of darker colors. Put $100 in one balloon, $50 in two balloons, $20 in three balloons, $10 in other two-three balloons, and the rest fill them with $1 bills. Sell the balloons for $5 or $10 each and get everyone to come aboard. 

You can accompany the party with snacks, drinks, and music or make a competition out of who buys more balloons. At the end of the day, you’ll have enough money to change the equipment of your favorite sports team or even renovate a classroom. 


Organize a music contest 

If you have enough students who play an instrument or know how to sing, one of the easiest ways to raise more money is to simply organize a music contest. Don’t forget to encourage people to become creative and even pick up less conventional instruments, similar to the ones found on Sound-unsound magazine

Why settle for guitars and pianos when there are hundreds of awesome instruments that can create a unique music contest for everyone to enjoy themselves? It goes without saying that each contestant will have to pay an admission fee to be able to show his or her skills on stage and that everyone else participating will also have to buy a ticket to the show. 


How about a talent show?

If you can’t find enough contestants to sign up for your music competition, why not try to organize a talent show instead? These are extremely popular and quite easy to manage. Find a jury willing to judge each contestant and his or her abilities or, better yet, ask the crowd to name the winner.

Test of the deal remains the same as the one for a music contest – all contestants who show up on stage must register by payinga afee, while all those who want to be in the room and vote for the winner will also have to buy a ticket to attend the event. That would be good for a school fundraiser.

Apart from raising money for a good cause, these events will also give everyone an opportunity to make themselves noticed and even become more popular or find new friends. 


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