Fun Cities to Visit on a Budget


Visiting the various cities across the US can be a fantastic and unforgettable travel experience. Visiting many of these cities, however, does not always require spending up your life savings. There are plenty of cities that entail lots to do and see without lots of associated expense. Here are five of those cities and some of the fun things to do in each for little or no cost.


Phoenix, AZ.


Phoenix, Arizona is a great city with plenty to do on the cheap. Famous hiking and biking trails surround the city with Piestewa Peak being the epicenter for outdoor recreation in the area. The city’s Heard Museum offers an insightful and affordable glimpse into the area’s culture, Native American history, and more. Art fans also transcend on the city with monthly mass outdoor art festivals taking place as part of the city’s regular “Art Walk”. In addition, all-day public transportation for a one-time charge of $3.50 is yet another noteworthy offering all unto itself.


Memphis, TN


Memphis is the US capitol for country music and other forms of entertainment. With such rich history, there is plenty to do here, with or without lots of spending-money on-hand. The Memphis Zoo and Mud Island River Park offer loads of activity for free or very low-cost admissions. Explore the world-famous Beale Street after dark and see what all the festivity is all about. Another must-see for many is the Peabody Hotel’s famous duck parade in which ducks are allowed into the building’s interior fountain facilities creating quite the spectacle and draw. This is also free for the public to take part in.


Jacksonville, FL.


Jacksonville, Florida has its own excellent variety of things to see and do on the cheap. Natural juice bars or smoothie stands along the Saint Johns River are always a big draw. Others enjoy the surprisingly affordable wedding venues available at the beautiful Trasher-Horne Center. The city’s public art walks and plentiful public parks have much to offer also. In addition, the Ritz Theater and Museum, Tree Hill Nature Center, Kingsley Plantation, and the city’s many sporting events do well to cap it all off.


Richmond, VA


For the history-lover, Richmond, Virginia has lots to offer, and much of it comes at very little or no cost. The famous Hollywood Cemetery is a nationwide draw for its many celebrity and historically notable gravesites. The Virginia Historical Society and Virginia Holocaust Museum are noteworthy stops as well. For those looking for more than historic significance, however, Maymont Park and Carytown offer plenty of food, culture, and outdoor fun, while the Virginia State Capitol and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts provide their own great, no-cost offerings.


San Antonio, TX


San Antonio rounds out our list with its great, low-cost bicycle rentals, historic sites, including Alamo and San Antonio Missions Historical Park, and its many grand fiestas, including the Texas Mardi-Gras. More options for the budget sightseer here include checking out The Riverwalk and taking a nighttime ghost or lights tour. The city’s extensive and affordable public transportation system also makes movement and the entire experience even better.



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