Here’s Why Relationships Can’t Survive Without


Usually, people think that the most important part of any relationships is love. Well, yes, love is crucial, but respect is vital too. In fact, even if there is a real super strong love but no respect, then this love will perish pretty soon. We can say that there is no love without respect. Be careful because sometimes there is respect without love. In this situation, if one of you begins to love another, this may lead to the friend zone. Respect is what causes a man to give his girlfriend personal space and provide her with support and care. Never put down or ignore your partner’s wishes in fields that are very essential for him or her.

    Sometimes people mistake love and respect, but there is a difference between those two. You can respect someone whom you don’t like or even hate just because they do difficult things. As we said before, you may love someone but not respect them. For example, if your relative is an addict, you still love him or her, but you can’t respect this person because of their actions.

    Some believe that love is all about things that happen in the bedroom with the lights off. But in real life, this is only a tiny piece of true love. When people are in love, they will care about each other even if they are not able to have sex. True love is what survives in difficult times and dies with the lovers. But without respect, this highway turns into an impassable road. And your relations have just a tiny chance to continue. Also, be careful with humor. Sometimes, it may hurt even if you or your partner didn’t want it to hurt. This may actually happen when you date a British girl.

    If both partners have respect for each other, they will only reinforce their feelings. Relations with love become beneficial. In this kind of relations, both partners think about each other first and consider both opinions before making some actual decisions. These couples tend to consult about everything. For example, you call your girlfriend to ask what to buy for dinner, and she tells you to buy some pork because she knows that you love it. It is better to consult about everything (even if you already know the answer) than never consult about a thing. This helps both partners feel involved in each other’s lives.

    Be careful because you may think that you respect your girlfriend, but you never show it with your actions or even you may show the opposite. This is why we made a list of things that you should never do.

  1. Never leave your home without telling your partner where you are going or when you will come back home.
  2. Always consult with your partner when you are going to buy something expensive (even presents!).
  3. Try to help your girlfriend with her housework, especially if she has a job too and works as many hours as you do.
  4. Always tell your partner that you want to invite friends to your home. Make sure that it is comfortable for him or her.
  5. Listen to the music that you both like. Don’t make it too loud or soft.
  6. Always ask what your spouse wants to watch on YouTube, TV, etc. You may even compete for what you are going to watch tonight, but let it be a funny romantic competition.
  7. Hang out with your girlfriend and make sure that you love her more than you love your TV or video games.
  8. Sex is a great thing! Just make sure that you both want to have it right now!

This all should be mutual. If two people respect each other, then there are no unsolvable problems for them. You will approach all your conflicts in a different way. You will stop blaming each other and begin to work together as a single team. It is always nice to know that the person you love is not only your lover but also your lawyer, defender, best friend, and ally.


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