Home Improvements to Improve Health and Happiness


Home is where the heart is. It is where we raise our families, and it is where we feel safe. It is where we display our memories, where we have fun, where we laugh, where we cry, where we live and grow. Home is a critical component of our health and safety, but your home design might not be doing all that it can to help you live your best, happiest life. To ensure that your home is doing all that it can to help support the lives of you and your family, follow this guide:

Adopting a Dog Into The Home

Dogs have been scientifically proven to provide a number of different health benefits to humans. These range from physical, mental, emotional and social and positively affect all generations from children, teens, adults and the elderly. From reducing stress, promoting exercise, helping with depression and ecouraging social interactions, dogs really are a humans best friend.

Deep Clean

Far too often areas of our home go unchecked for years, if not decades. Areas that are hard to clean or places that you don’t think to clean often are missed, and as a result, dust, mildew, and even mold can build up if you aren’t careful. It can be very detrimental to the respiratory systems in your family, especially if someone has asthma. That is why a deep clean and even a freshening up is necessary in order to improve your family’s health and happiness. Shampoo the carpets and clean the fabrics that are often left alone, like your couch or rugs. There are different tools you will need, depending on the fabric, so research beforehand.

Make Better Use of the Light

Light is very important to our health. Sunlight helps us produce vitamin D, which is necessary to absorb calcium; it helps us be more productive, more awake, improves our mood, and our sleep cycles. In winter, when natural light is at its shortest, many will experience what is commonly referred to as “winter blues.” In order to benefit your life, you need to work on bringing as much light as possible into your home. Add mirrors, open the space up, and choose light colors to make the space brighter. For when you need privacy or need to control the sunlight coming in, opt for wood plantation window shutters. The experts at Shuttercraft say “we make light work” with custom designs and superior control compared to traditional curtains.

Add Indoor Plants

When it comes to air quality, there is a lot to be desired. Even indoor air quality can suffer, and if you live in a city, opening up a window might not be the best solution. That is why adding indoor plants is vital. Every plant offers unique health benefits for you and your family. To start with, they produce oxygen, making the air fresher than before. Some species can help purify the air of other toxins as well, and can even help humidify the room. Some plants can help you sleep and emit a beautiful, natural scent that will always beat synthetic sprays. Overall, there are only benefits to owning plants. If you are a beginner, however, it is wise to opt for species that are hardy and require minimal maintenance.

Your home’s health will reflect your health, which is why you should work on improving your home so that it is cleaner, brighter, and fresher than before.


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