How do you fix an EDC Carabiner


Carabiner is a coupling link which has a safety closure. It is designed in such a way that will keep you safe with its curved body. The curved shape is known as a gate that can be opened and closed. However, it is important to know how do you fix and EDC carabiner when you are using it. Let us have a look at some methods.

How do you fix an EDC Carabiner?

Fixing an EDC Carabiner is not a difficult task to do. By following some methods, one can easily do it. Look at the following two ways to perform it.

Method 1:

There is a snap hook into it, and you have to capture the thicker part of the stem and rotate the snap hook. However, if the eyelet which is attached here is too loose that it will not capture the part of the stem any longer.

In such a condition, purchase a new snap hook from the local farm of the supply place, then sew up a new string, or you can unstitch the old lash. After that, you have to insert the snap hook and sew the hook with lash back together.

I know these are time-consuming work, but it can be done. One problem while repairing your EDC carabiner hook is that it does not have any rotating mechanism, but leash would twist.

Method 2:

When you have some problems with the EDC carabiner, then you need to use a second quickdraw method. Remove the wrong quickdraw, which is back clipped. Then add the second one, and please stay clipped with it at all the times.

This method can be used in your climbing time or that time when you are not feeling that much confident with your rope and carabiner.

You can unclip the first carabiner from the bolt. Then re-clip the lock, and you need to be careful while rotating the carabiner. However, in this method, you need to be more secured.

Another method is unclipping and re-clip method. But this is considered as least preferred method though it is ubiquitous for the climbers.

Why do You Need to Fix an EDC Carabiner?

There are primary uses which you can do with your carabiner, so you need to do a regular check on it. Here are some applications;

Car Bag Hanger

When you carry items in your car, then combine all the bags with a carabiner clip the carabiner and put it onto the nearest supports. Now you will get easy access to the bottles.

Tighten a Rope

To tighten your rope, clip a carabiner with your rope, and twist it. First, it will be a little inflexible, but when the wind is started to blow up, then it will be easier for you.

Please twist the rope until you get your desired height then clip the carabiner with the line again. When you are done with the twisting, then the carabiner will place the rope tightly.

Cabinet Lock for Kids

If you want to lock your cabinet from the children firmly, it is the best idea to secure your cabinet with an EDC Carabiner. So, it will be difficult for the children of unlocking the carabiner.

Final Verdict

These are some methods of how you can fix your EDC Carabiner, and hopefully, these methods will work for your task. Happy camping, and have a great day.


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