How Improving Your Property Can Make It More Attractive to Buyers


When you are thinking of selling your old home to buy something else, you want to get the best possible price you can. Although you might think that the price wouldn’t change that much, you can get several thousand pounds more if you are willing to make some changes. Here are a few ideas that you can use to gain more value for your property and end up making more than you spent.

Fixing Walls

If you are living in an old house, you might have some issues with the plastering on the walls. If you have cracks or even parts of the plaster coming off, then this can be a factor for buyers saying no. The additional cost and hassle of getting the plastering fixed can be more than most are willing to put up with. However, if you know someone that can do the plastering for you, and you can get a good price, then it can be a good way to attract more buyers. Or, you can do it yourself if you feel confident. You also won’t have to drop the price to compensate for the work to be done.


Old wooden windows might look nice, but if they need work, then they can also be a negative factor when you are selling the house. The minimum you should do is try to repair the frames and fix any broken panes, but if you can, consider replacing them with new ones. If the house has listed or protected status, then you will need to replace them with the same style.

Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling in the house are usually something buyers like to have in working order. They want to be able to be comfortable without having to arrange costly repairs or replace the boiler. That means you need to think about getting these things serviced and repaired. If you find that your boiler or your AC needs to be replaced, then it is better to do this than have to reduce your price. You need to find an AC installation service that can give you a good deal.

The Garden

Your garden can be a difficult area for buyers; some like to create their own garden and prefer that it is left as it is. Others want the garden to be ready to go before they buy the house. To make the right impression, you should make sure the garden is tidy and not overgrown. You especially want to keep the front garden well kept, as this increases the houses ‘curb appeal.’ You should also ensure that there are no broken pots or damaged boards on the outside of the house.

As well as these major tasks, you also need to think about the minor things that can make an enormous difference. For example, making sure that the house is painted in a neutral color, and removing any screws from the walls and filling in the holes. If you can get this right, you can soon attract a higher price for your property.


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