How Outsourcing Real Estate Cold Calling Services could be Beneficial for your Business


Any good promotion strategy for leads in the real estate industry involves interaction and communication to engage the client and make them consider the house or the business model. Real estate businesses require the talent of communicative real estate agents who are good at sales talking to seal the deal on a property. There is a hefty commission and added benefits that lie waiting for an agent when a customer finally buys a property. 

The job is not easy however, the life of an agent can be fairly busy – speaking to customers over calls, meeting them at various places and there is a constant back and forth of emails. Time management is hence key, wisely managing it can open up a lot of opportunities for agents. Managing time becomes easier when you can rely on real estate outsourcing services, particularly cold calling. 

ExpertCallers offer highly personalized call center services that cover most facets of the real estate industry — from streamlining lead generation to optimizing property management to maintaining professional image & improving reputation to saving on internal costs. 

Cold calling is a way to attract potential customers to a business wherein the customers have had no prior contact with the salesperson. Cold calling is one of the most well-known lead generation strategies in all of the real estate industry. There are polarizing views, is cold calling effective in real estate or not remains a matter of contention. However experienced agents always mention how advantageous cold calling can be. 

Let us take a look at how it is beneficial to outsource real estate cold calling services

  • Frees up internal resources – 

The sales process requires being on the phone for more than 6 hours a day and making countless calls to promote the services of the company. A good question to ask would be if it is productive for a sales team to utilize their time in such time-consuming activities rather than the core activities of the company. 

  • Saving Operational Costs – 

Another aspect that is considered by owners of businesses is how cost-effective something is. Establishing, training and maintaining a sales team is a huge investment that may not be financially wise if an owner is considering saving cost. Outsourcing to a service provider is a better option in staying efficient in the long term. 

  • Professional Quality of Services – 

Outsourcing your activities to an external team can ensure that the work is done in a completely professional manner. Employees of the outsourced service provider are trained to make numerous calls in a day and with knowledge provided by the company, they would be able to convince customers in buying properties. ExpertCallers team has the requisite experience in managing the intricacies during sensitive conversations pertaining to home buying. 

  • Assurance of 24/7 service – 

Investing in outsourcing can be very rewarding as you don’t miss out on clients of different time zones. The company’s work happens 24/7 when it is outsourced to the call center services provider. 

  • Multi-tasking – 

The outsourced teams end up assisting in a lot more than cold calling, real estate cold calling strategies being the foremost. They schedule and set appointments, organize emails and help in other agent-related tasks. If there is any concern regarding productivity, the company can be satisfied with round the clock assistance that the outsourced team provides. 

  • Provide Real Estate based Services – 

There is a guarantee that the outsourced team’s work is going to be on a professional level. They handle the work using real estate cold calling scripts, which are pre-planned phone conversations that help in establishing a relationship with the potential buyer or customer. Telecalling scripts for real estate include questions like interest in selling/buying, details about properties and later follow up on these when the customers are available. 

Armed with cold calling scripts, real estate cold calling tips are used further so that there is comparatively more of a chance to close on deals. Here are a few cold calling tips that may be followed by the outsourced team – 

  1. Tracking and keeping a record of calls
  2. Strategizing the time of phone calls
  3. Choosing the right call list
  4. Spending more time listening to the customer.

Outsourced teams are usually very experienced and have the expertise to offer highly personalized cold calling services that cover all facets of the real estate industry, ranging from lead generation to property management. They also portray a professional image and improve the reputation of the company winning customer’s loyalty along the way. 

Besides saving up on operational costs, a company investing in an outsourced team is also privy to all the recorded phone calls and the finished statistics. 

In today’s market, it is not enough to just have a presence, to gain new customers, it is important to actively go after customers. Cold calling offers a human to human interaction which is more cost-efficient and targeted than other strategies used. Cold calling that is left to the outsourced team, can be used to continuously add new prospective clients to the business without having to compromise time and quality towards the company’s core activities. Several BPO companies offer the exact range of services a company is looking for and more. Making an investment is only going to lead to a favorable outcome. 

ExpertCallers is tremendously experienced in providing high quality inbound and outbound call center services to real estate executives, dealers, and clients around the world. We offer highly personalized call center services that cover all aspects of the real estate industry ranging from streamlining lead generation to the optimization of property management. 


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