How To Act Like An Alpha Male




Most men find the Alpha Man notion quite ambiguous. Being an alpha does not mean you should be rude, dominant, loud and act like a bad boy. Not even close! If you are really interested in alpha men behavior and want to become one, follow the tips we introduce in this article.  

  • Have an alpha conversation with your girl.

The first thing to remember if you really want to become an alpha male is to be honest about your desires. If your intention is a hookup, say so! If you want your woman to respect you wishes and views, you need to be honest and direct.  There is no need to tell any kind of fairy tales to girls, especially if you want serious relationships. Don’t mask your plans, when you speak to your girl.

For example, if you are really interested in someone, look into her eyes directly and show that you are interested in her as a woman and not as a friend. One thing to remember here – stop acting as if you are an unconfident man: don’t hesitate, don’t feel awkward and, for God’s sake, don’t step back. The winning strategy is to be direct and sincere. However, if you ARE unconfident, don’t show it to your beloved.

  • Show your inner leader.

Make leadership become your credo. The thing is that if you are a leader, there is no way you can be an unconfident guy. Don’t wait until your woman shows that she is interested in you as a man. If you want your communication to develop quickly, show it. Make things go further. In other words, simply become a leader in your relationships.

By the way, leadership does not mean being dominant and selfish. Leadership is all about dedication. Thus, don’t think about how to fulfill your own desires only. Wherever you go and whatever you do, take into account your girl’s desires, as well. Besides, it will be great if you show your feelings and emotions first. Be a leader and make your woman feel comfortable. Let her know that you are concerned and you want your relationship to go further.

  • Mind your body language.

Keep in mind that a man, who is shuffling and looking down all the time, does not actually look like an alpha male. A confident man should walk as if he is full of energy and pride. Look ahead and don’t lower your eyes. Your girl will definitely feel you strength if you do so.

Make sure your body language reflects your confidence and strength.  It will help if you don’t cross any parts of your body. The thing is that your crossed arms or legs during the date, for example, may tell your girl about your diffidence.

  • Don’t skimp on things.

Forget about your nickel and dime strategy. At least, not when your girl is around. Imagine you are having a dinner in a restaurant. She will hardly see an alpha male in you if you keep skimping on such things as tips for the waiter.

Let your girl see you care about her and you enjoy spending money on her. Don’t take a single flower if you have an opportunity to buy the whole bunch. The same is about transport and other expenditures.

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