How to Earn Money by Gardening


If you like to work outdoors and enjoy the seasonal changes, then why not monopolize on this enjoyment for a little extra cash? There aren’t too many people who wouldn’t enjoy having a little extra money for necessary expenses, savings, or something special, and if you can combine something you love with the added bonus of it saving, rather than costing you money- then this article is for you.


Getting Started with Gardening

Gardening in a popular hobby that continues to grow within the US – with over 25% of the population involved with it in one way or another. There are many health benefits related to it- simply by being outdoors and moving, plus it is easy to get started with some simple tools and a small plot of land. If you are looking for a bit of extra space, also consider potted gardens, which are also incredibly easy to tend to.


Some basic tools, such as a shovel, rake, hoses (and their associated garden hose reels for easy storage and care), and a wheelbarrow or other mode of transport has you building and tending to your gardens in no time. If you are really lucky, you can take advantage of a greenhouse for more year-round gardening enjoyment, and the added money it can bring when you plant early and harvest late.


Making “Green” Money

The following ideas are all easy ways to start your own money making, gardening endeavor. Farmer’s markets, plant and gardening swaps, and even online resources are all readily available to take advantage of to start peddling your plants, seeds, and cuttings.

  1. Dried or Fresh Herbs

No matter what the season, herbs are in high demand by many who love to cook and bake. Herbs grow best when continually trimmed back, leaving you with quite a bit of excess that is easy to dry if fresh herbs are not in current demand. You can easily hang these cuttings to dry, or even place them in a dehydrator.


  1. Wreaths and Garlands

Extra evergreen branches from prunings or even grapevines (that need to be cut back after dormancy to ensure a good grape crop) are all easily woven and bent into wreaths and garlands. These are often in high demand by crafters, and bring a high price during holidays.


  1. Starter Plants

Starting seeds early each spring is easy if you have a sunny window, greenhouse, cold frame, or even some small grow lights. A packet of seed goes a long way and rarely is used all in one season. If you are looking for some quick money, cultivate the white packets and sell your started seedlings locally and online for gardeners who do not want to wait for seed germination.


  1. Garlic Braids

Garlic is easy to grow a plant, and provide a surplus of bulbs. These are easy and fun to braid together and can be hung with onions and shallots to dry. Used year round, they are especially nice to have in the winter months to provide seasoning, added flavor, and a taste of summer freshness.

  1. Pick Your Own Rows

Pick your own row experiences are incredibly popular, and if you have the land to space, planting a few long rows for the public to come to pick is an easy way to make some good money. Berries, squash, peas and beans, and even pumpkins are big producers and can provide your local areas with seasonal fare.  


  1. 6. Seeds

Seeds are easily harvested, and you can plant your garden anew each year from what you collect. Many flower heads hold hundreds of new plant possibilities, and if you take the time to harvest the seeds, you can create your own garden mixes to sell. Seed mixes, heirloom varieties, and proven fruits and veggies are often highly sought after.


  1. Mix and Match Bulbs

Bulbs and tubers need to be regularly divided to avoid crowding and allow for proficient blooms each year. These often multiply quickly, and you can bank on these rather easily, especially if you have any rare varieties. Bulbs and tubers store well and are easy to cultivate, making them a favorite of gardeners everywhere. Mix and match specialty mixes for gifting and sale.



These simple ideas are excellent ways to get started, but there are many other ways to take advantage of this enjoyable hobby to put a bit more money in your pocket. Perennials also often need to be split, and so do many houseplants. You can make soaps and candles from the plant by-products, spice mixes by grinding herbs, or even tea. Corn stalks and other fall harvest vegetation can be sold for decoration as well. If you have a garden or are planning on one, now is the time to take advantage of this untapped resource!



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