How to Get Extra Cash For Presents This Christmas


With the coronavirus crisis looking set to continue into 2021, many families could be forgiven for feeling as if Christmas has been canceled this year. Family members might be absent from the table for the first time in years – social distancing to avoid catching the coronavirus. Plus, with economic uncertainty looming, many families might be concerned that they won’t be able to afford the usual luxuries that make their festive periods so fun and exciting. But never fear: here are some top tips for accessing cash so you can buy first-class presents this unique Christmas time.

Pooling Resources

If you have a large family, and you’re unable to gather together for an event that sees you all open one another’s presents, it could be a smart idea to go about your present-buying differently this year. Instead of heading out to several stores to find your gifts or using online shopping to purchase dozens of presents, you could pool your cash to buy one larger and more exciting present for each member of your family. 

By doing this, you’ll be able to afford a TV, a games console, or other more luxury goods that’ll make your Christmas that bit more festive and exciting.

Getting a Loan

Loans are the final route that you should consider pursuing if you’re keen to buy presents to boost your family’s morale after this challenging year. If you’re decided on this route, you should always pay careful attention to repayment systems and interest rates – so that you’re not caught out with huge fees when you come to return the cash you borrowed.

To save yourself a lot of this hassle, and the uncertainty of using a loan provider that you don’t trust, consider getting a title loan for your car instead. You’ll be able to keep using your vehicle, but the ownership will change hands to a loan company. Read through an article for car title loans in Vero Beach here so that you’re aware of the obligations that you’ll have to gain repossession of your car after taking the loan. 

Save Cash Elsewhere

Christmas isn’t just about the presents. It’s also about several days of indulgent meals, winter warmers’ drinking, and the indulgence in chocolates and other seasonal favorites. And yet, if your family is most interested in the presents that you give and receive, you should consider cutting out these other luxury costs. 

That’s easier said than done, of course: it’s not Christmas without a roast dinner on the 25th of December. But it would help if you looked to areas where your family can save cash this Yuletide to have enough to buy first-class presents in time for December. If you’re willing, you can begin your savings today – by drawing up a winter budget and putting a little cash away each week in time for the big day.

These three tips will help you gather the cash you need to buy super Christmas presents for your whole family during these unprecedented times. 


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