How to Keep Up with Technology Trends


Technology has been moving at an incredible pace for many years, and this has led to some amazing discoveries and innovative inventions. Whether you are running your own business or working for a company that uses technology a lot, you will want to be at the head of the trends and know what the new technology is coming forward. However, if you are worried that you are losing touch with the latest technology, then here are a few tips for keeping your knowledge high.

Read the Industry Publications

One way that you can start to get more information about the latest trends is to read what the industry is saying. The technology industry has a number of publications that can give you the latest news and all the new ideas that are coming forward. Many of these publications can only be found in libraries or colleges so you might need to do a little digging to find them. Some might also have a lot of technical words or explanations that you will need to understand or maybe seek clarification from the author.

Watch Lectures or Seminars

There are often many lectures and seminars both locally and in other areas of the country that talk a lot about the latest technology and emerging trends. Many of these are free to the public, and they can also give you access to people within the industry that you might want to speak to. As well as seminars, there are also other ways that you can see companies and their latest news. Companies such as Google hold yearly conferences that are often broadcast online. These are usually packed with the latest innovations as well as where they think the future will lead. It means that you can see and hear these conferences without having to attend. The same applies in the gaming industry with conferences like E3 telling people what is happening now and in the future.

Use the Internet

Of course, one of the biggest sources of information in the world is the internet. Not only is it often the method by which you can see the seminars and conferences, but it also has a lot of written material on the newest technology and also predictions on what the future may hold. You can also use the internet to create your own ideas about what the best technology is at the moment and where the newest gadgets are going to come from. The good thing about using the internet for your research is that you can access data from many areas.

Surround Yourself with the Latest Tech

For those that have the financial ability to do so, surrounding yourself with the latest tech can be a good way to stay ahead of the curve. It might mean that you need to invest a lot of money into your gadgets, companies like Bonsai Finance can help you with buying the larger products if necessary. It might be that your interest is in one area such as mobile phones or televisions, so you can always focus on that rather than trying to keep up to date with all the different forms of tech.

Start a Blog

You might think that writing a blog wouldn’t get you all the latest news in the technology world. However, if you can start to get yourself involved in the latest innovation, then you can start to approach companies with the idea of getting some exclusive information and perhaps even some products to test. There are many companies that will want to see their products reviewed by bloggers if your site receives enough views each month. It can be a great way to stay on top of the trends as well as seeing new products before they are released.

Social Media

The realm of social media is where a lot of information is released by many companies. If you are on social media a lot and follow some of the bigger companies, then you can see what products they are showing and where the company is going with its research. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions of those companies about their products and what they do. One social media platform, in particular, is LinkedIn, which has all of the companies and employees on there. It can be a great source of information and also a great way to build contacts with companies.

Crowdfunding Sites

Some ideas and designs don’t get the funding or the support of the big companies. For these, some inventors will choose to use crowdfunding to help them. Crowdfunding is a platform that allows people with a good idea to put it before the public to see if they can get the funding they need to manufacture and distribute their product. It has led to a number of products coming to the market that might not have been available otherwise. Even if you are unable to give any funding to these products, it can give you an invaluable insight into the newest ideas that are coming forward and also how inventors are trying to fix those gaps in the market.


The internet is loaded with forums covering all aspects of life and technology. These are usually places where others that are interested in the same subjects can get together and discuss the latest news coming from the big companies. If you can join these forums, not only can you discover the new trends, you can also gain information on existing products. For example, if you have a new gadget, you might want to know what its full potential is. Are there any other uses for it? Can it do more than you think? There are usually others on the forum who will know the answers to these questions.

There are many ways that you can get the best and latest gossip about technology and the newest trends. You just need to think about where this information is and start to find it.


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