How to Make Money From Your Old Stuff Online


Most people move through this world with a gathered stream of possessions and old bits and bobs behind them, dragged along from household to household without serving much of a purpose in their lives. This bundle of underused possessions can consist of so many different items – from old clothes to digital devices you no longer require – and you can find yourself burdened down with the sheer weight and variety of what you own. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to sell your old stuff online, making cash from the items that you no longer require. 

Taking Pictures

Your first step is to take professional photographs of all of the items that you want to sell. It makes more sense to group your items by theme – but you should be aware that shoppers online are unlikely to want to buy a bundle of five dresses or ten DVDs – they just want the one that their collection is missing, or the dress that they’ve fallen in love with. As such, individual listings are usually your best bet at making high-value sales, whereas bulk listings will make you far less cash. Be aware of this when you take pictures of your items that you wish to sell. 

Find a Listings Site

Next, you’re going to need to find a website upon which you list your items. You’ll find that the best websites are slightly informal, and often more local than the global e-commerce sites like Amazon and Google’s Store. For North Americans, for instance, it’s that’ll serve this purpose well – allowing you to post multiple adverts online showing off your wares, targeted towards a user base that’s looking for products just like yours.

Remember that it’s not just your items that are up for sale and reviewed by users on these platforms – it’s also your trustworthiness and your reviews that people will be taking note of. Make sure that you’re open and friendly in your product descriptions in order to encourage web users to trust your listings, and make the bids of purchases that you’re looking to secure from your old things.

Setting Prices

The last thing you need to consider is what kind of prices you’ll be setting for your products. Remember that online shoppers on listings websites are looking for bargains, so you shouldn’t be expecting to get RRP prices for your products – instead, offer exciting discounts, or even consider asking simply for monetary offers for your things from those who are interested. Being flexible might help you make more sales. 


Once you’ve made sales, it’s time to wrap up your products and get them to a post office. This is simple on the first time, but can be a little tiresome when you’re selling dozens or even hundreds of products, and shipping them all over the continent, if not the world. As such, invest in bulk packing equipment, and be careful to post on time, in order to quickly offload your old things – for cash. 


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