How to produce compelling content that has something different to say


Whether you are a journalist, a website owner or a business person, it is important to write copy that makes you stand out. People are overwhelmed with information. So, if they click through to something you have written and it looks like it is much the same as something they have recently read, they will soon leave.

Below are some tips to help you to stand out from the crowd. So that you can write in a way that compels people to pause and listen to what you´ve got to say.

Resist the temptation to copy other people’s content

You have to make sure you are not copying content. It is not a smart approach. Readers will soon realise that you have nothing new to say will not stay around. Perhaps, worse, Google will also notice that you are not publishing original content. When that happens, those pages of your website will not rank. 

In addition, you could end up being sued. People are getting more sensitive about plagiarism. More writers and publishers are taking action when they spot that someone has misused their work.

Always be researching

If you want to make a real contribution to the knowledge pool, you need to produce work that is a bit different. To be able to do this requires research and lots of it. Fortunately, by paying attention, you can actually weave much of your research into your daily life. Noticing what people are saying and doing as well as recognising how things are changing will provide you with fresh things to write about.

Be widely read

Whenever you can, read about the subjects you are currently, or are planning to cover. The more you do this the easier it will be to write about it. 

Even if you do not agree with what the other person is saying, it is still worth listening to their point of view. It will help you to uncover new points that you would have otherwise missed. Plus, it will enable you to write in a way that appeals to a wider audience and gain their respect. As well as help you to sound more like an authority on the subject. 

Find a way to record facts as you come across them

However, there is no point in doing all of that reading and research if what you discover simply slips through your fingers. You need to find a way to make a note of what you discover as you come across it. 

How you do that, is up to you. For some people, carrying a small notebook with a pencil or pen in the spine is still best. While, for others, it is their smart phone that is the most convenient tool. There are plenty of note-taking apps to try out. This list includes some of the best ones.

Write clearly and do so with your audience in mind

When you write, try to be concise and make sure that you consider your audience when you write. Make sure you hang out where they do and engage in conversation with as many of them as possible. 


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