How to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit


The process of negotiating and coming to a final settlement can be quite difficult and much like fishing to land the best price at an outdoor market. You and the adjuster are left being as careful as possible and not overstepping any boundaries to avoid either overcompensating or being under-compensated. Here are some of the best ways to settle, to reduce the confusion and reaching out to a specific attorney like a personal injury attorney tampa is a great place to start.


Gather Information of Responsible Parties

If there are outside parties with shared responsibility of the injuries, be sure to collect as much of their information as possible. This information can include responsible party’s contact information, insurance company information and vehicle information if it’s a car accident. If any of the responsible parties are minors, you will need their parents’ contact information as well. This is a necessary step in increasing chances of getting in connecting in the future to move forward with the claim and settlement.


Gather Police Reports

When the incident first occurs, especially car accidents, it is recommended to have law enforcement on site to conduct a proper incident report. This report should include the events and observations of the incident that led to the injury. When conducting a claim or lawsuit, this report will be critical in strengthening your claim and might have witness information you didn’t collect. Be sure to request a copy of the reports that were conducted, which can also be done with the help of a personal injury attorney tampa.


Define Scale of Injuries

Before embarking on the process of the personal injury lawsuit, one must define the scale of the injuries. This includes having a proper diagnosis and potential treatments for the injuries. In getting a proper diagnosis, the injured might need to consult with a medical professional for a detailed diagnosis that is official. Whether or not the injured decides to get treated, this is a required step for the claim and lawsuit to move forward. For future referencing and potential specialist referrals, carefully keeping accurate and consistent records is strongly advised.


Put a Figure on All Costs

Many times, personal injuries from incidents can last for years, sometimes a lifetime so taking the time to evaluate those costs is important. While determining current costs, potential future costs should also be included. These costs can range from medical costs, equipment & rentals, alterations and modifications in your life and more. Seeking the assistance of a medical professional to evaluate these injuries and costs is ideal to reach the most accurate figure.


Write and Send a Demand Letter

The demand letter is typically processed by an attorney, like a personal injury attorney tampa, but by you if self-represented. This is to set the tone for your opening in the process of negotiating the settlement. The letter is meant to confirm that you will be seeking compensation for your damages, claim and injuries and is sent to the responsible party, their insurance and your insurance. The letter should include as much of the claim’s information as possible such as incident details, date, responsible parties and their insurance information. Be sure to keep copies of all documents and mailing receipts for potential future referencing.


Although, most of the negotiation and settlement details are handled by your attorney, but the process of settling a personal injury lawsuit can be tasking. From demand letters to police reports, it’s critical to detailed and careful as possible to avoid jeopardizing your injury settlement.


Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a Philly photographer and freelance writer.


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