How to Show Your Clients How Valuable They Are




Doing things that show your clients how much you value them is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, it makes the relationship you have with them stronger, which makes it easier to keep them happy as a client and also to offer them new products or services. Secondly, it helps keep them thinking about your brand, making them more loyal and less likely to entertain the idea of switching. Thirdly, it is just generally good etiquette to foster good relationships with the people who keep your business going!

Here are some good ways that you can thank your clients for their custom and strengthen their relationship with your company and brand:


  • Take Them to a Sought After Event


Getting tickets to sports events, concerts and shows can be a great way to reward your clients, but also have an opportunity to do something with them socially. is a great place to find sought after tickets to all kinds of things. If you can, look for events where you can get VIP tickets or corporate hospitality arrangements. Otherwise, be sure to get the best seats you can. 


  • Organize a Great Experience


Getting together with your clients to do something fun and show them some good hospitality can be a very good way to strengthen relationships, and is something that businesses with high value clients should definitely consider. Make sure you plan for an interesting experience that will make them feel excited to go, for instance a day out on a luxury boat, or a day at the races. Be sure to have times during your planned event when you can talk business, but also focus on having a good time and getting to know them better.


  • Remember Them at Christmas


If you aren’t the kind of business that has just a few very high value clients and instead wants to do something for a larger number of smaller clients, then buying tickets or taking people out may not be within the scope of your entertainment and hospitality budget. However, you can make clients feel valued in smaller ways, particularly at Christmas, by sending a hamper, a bottle of wine, or even just cards. Another thing you can do is consider making donations to the partner charities of your clients. Many businesses partner with charities, and this can be a good way to do something they will appreciate.


  • Congratulate Their Successes 


One of the simplest ways to show you value your clients is just to pay attention to how their businesses are doing. Send them something to congratulate them when something good happens, like they win an award or open a new location. You can do this with individuals who are your contacts at the business, too, such as congratulating them with a card and a gift if they achieve something important related to their business, or even if they get married or have a child.

These are a few ways that businesses of all sizes can connect better with clients and show them they value them.


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