How to Stay Safe When Vaping

If you’re making the move to vaping either as a recreational hobby or to try and kick a less-healthy smoking habit, then you should congratulate yourself for making such a positive move. However, many have questions about how to vape safely, and what risks could be associated with this practice. If you want to vape and successfully stay healthy in the process, then here are a few things to be mindful of.


If you’ve heard any horror stories about vaping, it’s likely to be from faulty devices. There are some crafty folk who, after vaping regularly, try to create their own vaping cartridges and coils. However, this is not a safe way to vape, and you should always purchase your vape cartridges and e-cigarettes from a trustworthy provider.

Using a supplier such as will ensure that your e-liquid and cartridges aren’t coming from a disreputable company. It’s best to leave the handiwork to the professionals. If you’re worried about exploding batteries, it’s advised you don’t carry your batteries around so that they can be exposed to external factors such as liquid and debris.

Be mindful of nicotine

If you’re vaping to wean yourself off smoking tobacco, then you will likely be aware of the nicotine content in many vaping cartridges. Nicotine releases the chemical dopamine, which makes it addictive to those who have become accustomed to inhaling it regularly. However, it’s not wise to assume that everyone who takes up vaping recreationally is aware that many vape cartridges contain nicotine. The nicotine dose will vary, and this is sometimes due to the fact that some vape cartridges are targeted at those trying to quit the use of cigarettes: higher doses are for the beginning of the process, and lower doses are for those about to withdraw altogether. Just be mindful of which cartridge you choose and what it contains.  

Take note of pre-existing conditions

If you have pre-existing lung conditions such as asthma, then you should be cautious with just how much you use your e-cigarette. This can occasionally agitate pre-existing lung conditions, and so it’s a good idea to ask your doctor if you currently have, or have experienced anything such as asthma or other repertory problems. In the meantime, you can help yourself to vape more safely by looking after your vape device and controlling some of the settings. Try not to turn it on if you don’t have any liquid in the cartridge and also adjust the temperature controls if you can. This affects the heating of the liquid and how much chemicals are released in the process.

When it comes to staying safe when vaping, it’s important to not go to excessive lengths. By going to extreme measures to make your own vaping components or increasing the amount of nicotine, you might begin to stray into the area of it being unsafe. Be aware of your own health, and control any factors you can for comfort, such as the heat of the coil.


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