Life After Major Car Accident- The Life-Changing Consequences


The repercussions of a car accident may be a lot more severe than you may think. There are some immediate and obvious consequences, such as visible injuries and damage to your vehicle. And there are ones you may realize subsequently. But usually, life after an accident is never the same, particularly when you get involved in a major one. It is best to know about the possible consequences so that you can seek a fair settlement by leveraging your legal rights. And a legal professional can help you a great deal in this context. Here are the possible life-changing consequences that you may face after a major car mishap. 

Short-term injuries 

The most obvious consequence of a car wreck is short-term injuries such as cuts, scratches, fractures, and burns. Though these often get resolved in a comparatively short span of time, they can be extremely painful and cumbersome. Additionally, you can expect them to result in high medical bills and even prevent you from getting back to work for a few days or sometimes, weeks. Fractures may take a few months to heal, so you can expect life to be off track for some time.

Long-term physical injuries 

Apart from short term injuries, you may come across ones that are permanent or long-term and can affect the quality of your life. Moreover, there is always a chance that things may never be the same again. Some serious ones which may not heal with time are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and permanent scarring due to burns. In the worst cases, victims suffer from disfigurement or amputation. Most of the time, they cannot resume their normal activities after such serious problems. 

Emotional damages 

The impact of car accidents often extends beyond physical injuries because victims experience emotional trauma as well. Expert injury lawyer Keith Williams recommends that you must not overlook these damages while estimating your claim value since their effect is far-reaching. You may feel apprehensive about driving again, lose your sleep, experience the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or develop serious emotional problems such as depression.

Death of a loved one 

In the most tragic and fatal mishaps, you may lose a loved one. This is shattering as such, more so if the person is the only earning member in the family. A wrongful death claim can be filed to recover damages for the death of your family member, caused by the negligence of the guilty driver. Apart from filing a claim compensation for wrongful death, you should also make sure that the responsible party is punished.

Missed work time and loss of income

Moving on to the financial implications of a car wreck, you will probably end up missing work and losing your income temporarily or permanently, depending on the extent and severity of your injuries. Even if the physical damage is minor, you may have to miss work due to medical appointments. Or you may simply be emotionally unprepared to get back to work. Whatever the reason may be, loss of income can have a dire and lasting financial impact on your life after an accident. 

Cost of vehicle repairs 

A very obvious financial implication of a road mishap is the cost of repair of the damaged vehicle. Getting it repaired can be costly, summing up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You may even have to scrap the vehicle if the damage is beyond repair. If the insurance company denies the claim, you may have to pay out-of-pocket. And if you don’t have enough to pay up, you may even have to manage without personal transport. Obviously, getting around without a vehicle may be troublesome if you are not used to it.

Higher insurance premiums 

Another fact that may elevate the financial cost of a car accident is the higher insurance premiums you may have to pay for insuring your vehicle in the future. If you happen to be at fault for the mishap, even partially, your insurance company will raise your monthly insurance premium value. This is something you can expect them to do, considering your bad record on road. The yearly value of premiums can increase significantly, causing a loss of hundreds of dollars annually.

Truly, major can accidents can be life-changing, regardless of the fact whether they happened due to your negligence or someone else’s fault. Fortunately, you are legally entitled to compensation if the other party is at fault. Though the money cannot always get things back to normal, it can still put them on track. So you must hire the best lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve.


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