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For those who say link building is dead, here’s something, ‘links are still among the top signals for SERP rankings on every prominent search engine.’ So, there’s no way it could be dead. However, the link building environment has undergone a critical overhaul over the years.

With every update that Google introduces to its search algorithm, backlinks are subjected to more and more scrutiny. In other words, link building isn’t like it used to be a decade ago. That being said, the benefits that it brings to any online entity are unparalleled.


  1. Branding & Advertisement is Within Reach

With the help of white-hat link building strategies, you can expect your brand to reach your audience while costing you a fraction of traditional branding and advertising. As the experts offering link building services by outreach monks explain, securing contextual links from niche relevant blogs and websites exposes your brand before your target audience. And you might be surprised to know that all of these promotions cost a small fraction in comparison to TV commercials and magazine ads.

  1. Connecting with the Consumers is Easier

Another profound benefit of tapping into link building services is, they can help connect with the consumers. Consider traditional TV commercials. The viewers are enticed by popular figures and celebrities that promote a product or a service. When it comes to the internet, these celebrities are replaced by bloggers and influencers. The influencers provide your website with a backlink along with a branded recommendation, which makes it easier for your business to connect with their audience. And don’t forget, their audience is your audience.

  1. New Markets can be Penetrated

As already mentioned, link building allows you to connect with an all-new audience for your business. Most of the marketers suggest using an SEO reseller service that can help identify new markets for potential growth. This not only improves the results from the marketing efforts but also reduces the cost. Therefore, you can exploit the immense potential for growth into an untapped audience and penetrate an all-new market.

  1. Measurable Results Unlike Traditional Plans

Most importantly, you must understand that conventional advertisements are incapable of providing a clear picture of the results. For example, you cannot measure how many people viewed your billboard ad. Whereas, you can measure how many people visit your website. Or more so, you can also measure the number of people that come in from a referral link, how many stay, and how many bounce back. All of these metrics can help you alleviate any shortcomings and therefore re-establish your marketing goals for better results.

  1. Link Building is like Litmus Test for Future Strategies

By enabling the measurement of marketing metrics, link building acts as a litmus test for strategies to come. You can already predict what practices would result better and how you must target new markets. And all of this is possible, because of the links you secure for your website. 

Summing it up, link building is not dead at all. Perhaps it can benefit your online business in ways no other competitive practice can.


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